Monday, January 19, 2009

Pila (Vinlands Piaf) is a poser! She loves to sit for the camera. She's a true chocolate tricolor, TCT, like her sister Totty but they are a little different. Totty, at 30#, is larger than her mother while Pila at about 24# is about the same size as mom. Genetically, they are both atat bb Ss. You can see Totty and Pila together with Korpur in the third photo. Totty has more tan on her face; Pila has less. Both have wonderful tail curls, double dews on both rear feet, prick ears like mom and dad and are a dark chocolate color. Thank you Silla and Andrea.

Typical Icelandic Pose

Here's Totty relaxing. Most of us have seen our dogs in this pose with hips flat against the ground and rear legs extended! It looks comfortable - I suppose

Isi Kappusino

The very day that Kappu left for his new home I received this acrylic painting done by Candise Berard in the mail. I was and am overwhelmed. I love Candise and Scott. They have given me help and support when others have been afraid of repercussions. They are among the very best of all of the hundreds of people who have adopted our beloved Icelandics.

Kappu has a three generation American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service pedigree as does his litter-brother and all of their pups. We knew that one other Icelandic in the past had been imported from the same club into the US and given an AKC FSS pedigree. Regardless, before we agreed to buy and import the boys, we asked the AKC FSS if they would both be given AKC FSS pedigrees and the AKC FSS people said that the boys would be acceptable.

They stuck to their word and I appreciate that.