Monday, August 30, 2010

Taefa's Puppies at three+ Weeks

Taefa's boyfriend somehow managed to climb over the kennel fence where she lives and impregnate her. Her owner didn't know she was pregnant until about 2.5 - 3 weeks before the pups arrived. We know for sure that the father was not an Icelandic. We think he could have been a black lab, a border collie, or a black poodle. They should be excellent performance dogs and can be registered in the AKC and shown in all companion events. Because they are from an "Oops Litter", which can happen to any breeder, they of course cannot be shown in conformation. They must be neutered.

They are playful, active intelligent pups and are already on the way to being fully socialized. Taefa is the lone Icelandic in a kennel full of Goldens - none of which is the sire.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rosa rugosa

Oy, such a week I've had.

The garbage disposal finally died after a long and helpful life and had to be replaced.

The hot water heater exploded like a fountain gloriously cascading water like a geyser from the top out onto the furnace destroying the circuit board that allowed it to work and filling up the basement with water about five inches deep which destroyed old carpets, cardboard boxes and their contents, etc. The water heater and the circuit board both had to be replaced and many valuable 'things' had to be hauled up and put out to the curb.

Marisa and Diedrich included me in the celebration of their marriage vows. The vows were exchanged in the Butterfly House at the world famous Detroit Zoo and the evening finished with a sumptuous reception, dinner and dance at the elegant and prestigious old Detroit Athletic Club where the ambiance is marvelous and the art is superb in downtown Detroit.

Then the decades old microwave oven died after long and useful service as well so that was replaced along with the electric stove which had stopped working as an oven but still worked OK as counter-top burners. Both were replaced by a great crew working out of Home Depot. (I couldn't believe that the team leader was a very nice man named Terry Haliburton, no relation he assured me to the infamous Haliburtons.)

Bear, Bersi av Isheim, did well on his first AKC experience after arriving here in the US from his native Norway (and Sweden) and now has been awarded his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) award.

Also this week my dentist, James Hoste, informed me after my routine check-up that I have a suspicious spot on my tongue that needs the help of a surgeon. When it rains, it pours.

Today about one short week later and much poorer, cash-wise, but richer in personal experiences and necessary appliances, I am ready to start a glorious autumn - my favorite time of the year.

I'm more than half-way through a wonderful book called Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Dr.Mortenson is committed to bringing schools to the far from ordinary people of Central Asia. The book is helping me to put things into a reasonable and fair perspective.

All of which brings me to roses - the subject of the above photos. Point de roses sans epines. To fully appreciate roses you have to 'understand' the thorns. Rugosa roses have a wonderful, heady, old-fashioned fragrance and are lovely to look at but their stems are replete with thorns. Such is life. Seems to me an equitable and fair trade off, eh?

After the muggy heat of Michigan summers comes its fantastic falls. Likewise after the seemingly endless ice and snow-filled gloomy gray winters come Michigan springs.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Disa and Drifa

Drifa (top photo) and Disa are lovely female puppies in Finland. Both are still available and would make excellent agility dogs. Their price is reasonable.









Icelandic Sheepdogs sometimes seem to be double jointed. Most of them regularly assume one or more of the above positions which often look uncomfortable. We have "named" some of these positions. Win a free vacation in downtown Hamtramck, Michigan by matching the number of the photo with the letter of the position (just kidding). Letters may be used more than once. (Correct answers following - no peaking!)

A. Fish
B. Frog (simple)
C. Frog Extended
D. Grasshopper
E. Opposum
F. Sleeping Beauty
1. A. the Fish
2. C. the Frog Extended
3. C. the Frog Extended
4. C. the Frog Extended
5. F. Sleeping Beauty
6. D. the Grasshopper
7. E. the Opposum

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Druna, Drafna, Disa, Dina

These four great five week old female puppies are available soon. From top to bottom, two photos of each, (I hope):-

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taefa's Puppies at One Week

Korpur and I went to a training session at TorWoods Farm today and saw the new puppies again.

All we know for sure about them is that they are half Icelandic Sheepdog because Taefa is a full Icy and they are the result of an "Oops" mating which happens to the best of breeders.

We suspect that dad was a homozygous black male.

He might have been at TorWoods for a training class and - - - - nature had its way. He could have been a border collie or a black lab.

He might also have been a neighbor's dog that lived not too far from the farm. As they mature we might be able to see some signs of dad's background.

The puppies each have at least one double dew claw and one single. One has two doubles.

Because mom is an Icy, they should all be good obedience and/or agility dogs. Taefa's owner is naturally unhappy even though the puppies are fat and sassy and Taefa is a fantastic mom. She didn't find out that Taefa was pregnant until she was about three weeks from delivering and by then it was too late to do anything - and she probably would not have anyway.

(Korpur is NOT the sire; today was his first visit to the farm since last summer.)

If you or anyone you know would like to adopt a very nice dog that can be registered as a mixed breed in the AKC and shown in all events except conformation - - - - these demi-Icies need homes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I learned today that Birta just passed away.

She was the nicest Icelandic I have ever met - including my own, I have several Icelandics and I've met many others now so that is saying a lot.

She was the rare leirvhit color which I absolutely love.

I am sure she gladdened and enriched the lives of her family here in Michigan and will be greatly missed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Taefa -New Puppies

Here are the first photos of Taefa's new litter, three girls and two boys delivered in south-east Michigan early Saturday morning, August 7, 2010. (Please click once or twice on photos to enlarge them.)

Taefa had an easy delivery and is being an excellent mother. One puppy has double dews on both rear feet. The rest of the pups have one double and one single on the hind feet.

These adorable puppies will be very good obedience dogs and should excel in agility events. Both parents are very well trained. Mom is a pure-bred registered Icelandic Sheepdog. Dad is also pure-bred and registered. The litter was not planned but still very much loved and the pups will be very reasonably priced for the right homes. They can be registered in the AKC and can enter all performance trials; they cannot be shown in conformation.

These puppies will be truly amazing dogs for companion events and great loving pets.

Interested people may contact me via email ( ) or phone (248-288-0947) and I will forward their messages to Taefa's mom.


My good friends Tracy and Jon lost their beloved Bowie this past week.

He was a wonderful dog and a faithful and loving companion and will be deeply missed by Jon & Tracy and Val & Donatello, their two Pugs.

Bowie's favorite toy was George W. Bush which he used to carry around in his mouth with Bush's arms and legs flopping. In this photo you can see Bowie sleeping with his "arms" around Bush.

Our dogs give us unconditional love. The pain of losing Bowie will always be there. It is so hard to let go, isn't it?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Darren Page lives in Ontario,Canada and owns an Icie named Cin. They do disc together. Here is his explanation and some photos of them. I found this fascinating.

Single Disc is very simple and anyone can play.

(The first three photos.)

You have a start line and three lines across a field at 10, 15, and 20 yards from the start line.

You throw the disc from behind the start line and you get points depending on how far out the dog catches the disc.

If the dog catches the disc before the 10 yard line no points are given.

If the disc is caught between 10 and 15 yards, you get one point.

When caught between 15 and 20 yards three points are earned.

Beyond 20 yards five points are earned.

If the dog has all four feet off the ground when the disc is caught, you get an extra point.

The dog must return the disc to you.

In order to get a qualifying score the dog must catch a disc four times within the first seven throws after the 20 yard mark. There are two two-minute rounds. It’s basically toss and fetch.

Freestyle is where you perform tricks like having the dog jump over your leg, back flips in the air etc. to music. There are compulsory moves: two over the body catches, two under the body, one cris-cross and a three disc multi-catch. "That's the one Cin doesn't like and why we didn't Q."

(The last four photos.)

(Click on photos to enlarge them.)

Cin was bred by Valerie Sharp of Greenstone kennel in Canada.


As sometimes happens,we just renewed contact from an old-timer.

For a "new breed" to North America like Icelandic Sheepdogs, an old-timer is not from very long ago.

Although the breed is descended from very old North European Nordic dog stock that traveled to Iceland with the Vikings over one thousand years ago, they have been recorded in the "New World" only lately.

It looks to me like Sygne is an excellent example of a wheaten colored Icelandic and not a "true white" dog. Color is endlessly interesting and confusing to me and to many others.

It is also possible (probable) that this color is sometimes referred to as clay-white (leirhvit). If you look closely at the standing photo you can see that she is really a light tan (cream, fawn?). (Click once or twice on photos to enlarge them.)

Regardless, she is beautiful. She was bred by Anne Milkovich and owned by George and Susie Wood.