Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tracy, Jon, Tully

Yesterday we visited the sculpture done by the artist Oezesiak (spelling? Gezesiak?) and talked with his mother who, with her husband, lives across the road from where the sculpture is displayed.

We'd stopped there after shopping for plants for the garden and buying groceries for dinner. We're eating like royalty and having a wonderful time.

Yesterday David sent the photo below of Tully resting on one of  her beds - she has two! Speaking of royalty! Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Icelandic Sheepdog Vinlands Kippa Jane with "her" ball. She loves playing with her toys and relaxing with her boy toy Tryggur (Hidow Thrymheim's Tryggur) apparently. To enlarge the photos, click on them.

Kippa Jane


Kippa and Isabella

Kippa with Tryggur

Veronica, Tryggur's breeder, has Icelandic Sheepdog puppies and there may still be some available. The parents are Hidow Thrymheim Vinur and Hidow Tara and her kennel is Hidow - you might be able to find it with Google or you could contact me and I'll give you Roni's email.

Sandi also recently had puppies; her kennel (Blackstar) is listed above on the right or I could send you Sandi's email. The parents of Sandi's litter are Leiru HĂșni from Iceland and her own Blackstar Birta who can trace her ancestry back to the old Palmahaus kennel established in the mid 1970's here in North America.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kippa, Kitty, Totty

Totty is missing her pups but we keep her active and busy - mostly.

Kitty and Kippa got together this weekend to play and talk.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy Photos

I received some more photos of the Icelandic Sheepdog puppies from last winter's litter. Here are Kitty, Tully, and Bangsi. It appears to me that they have taken over and are now in charge. Fasten your seat belts - - - - Hahahaha! Seriously, aren't they absolutely adorable? I'm guessing that they will all soon get their second round of vaccinations. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

Kitty in Michigan


Tully in Oregon

Bangsi in Maine


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

At first light today we were greeted by - - -

Yes, that's snow!

It didn't stick, the ground's too warm, well maybe "warm" is not the right word. The ground's just not cold enough for the snow to last is better.

In spite of the snow the birds know better. I've had both blue birds and tree swallows flirting with my new houses; I'm optimistic. Iris, the master blue bird house inspector, will have to come up now to check on the progress once nest building starts.

I read some interesting stuff. Houses can be placed about 25' apart. That's too close for blue birds to live in both houses; one pair won't allow another pair in such close proximity. However, they will allow other cavity nesting species, like tree swallows, to occupy a near house. I have two pairs of boxes; one in the back yard between the pole barn and the house and one pair in the front yard. Time will tell. On days like this bird watching from the house-comfort with a cuppa tea or coffee is perfect.

I also have a pair of self-built cavity nesters in a tall dead tree. My flickers are cleaning out and exploring their home from past years.

This is the male, I think.

Chickadees are exploring other homes; it's too early by a few weeks for house wrens to arrive back up north. I read with concern about the avian flu virus spreading from migratory birds, especially ducks, to other species. It's really a small planet, isn't it.

I've had several shipments of plants for the garden. As soon as they get here, they are planted and all seem to be doing OK. 500 Vinca (white, purple, blue) were planted on Saturday. I know they are not native; neither are dandelions, phragmites, and lythrum. (I saw one surviving lythrum last summer blooming in a ditch along the road. Zealots were sent out to destroy all of them and were pretty successful. Maybe I will stop the next time I see one to pull it out.) Vinca is deer resistant which is a plus. The bulbs I planted last fall have been slow to start. I must be in a more northern growing zone here than I was in Royal Oak even though the maps say not.

I'm expecting more orders to arrive soon. Spring!!

My puppies this year had coccidia. They often have had it in the past too. Although we had been aggressively treating them, some left without having recovered completely which was a great concern for me. I haven't heard bad news from anyone so I'm hoping they have continued to make progress and are either fully recovered or almost recovered. We miss them more than I thought.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Some Shares

Here are some recent photos of litter-mates.

It's not too early to start lessons. They should be ale to sit on command, respond to their name and "Come!", "Stay!" is harder but you should practice, "Down!" I know they look small but their minds are ready to learn. Socialization is very important. So is learning.

Tryggur, Kippa, Isabella


Tully with her Sammy

Tully, Sammy

Lizzie, Glory

Lizzie, Glory

Lizzie, Glory

Lizzie, Glory

Lizzie, Glory

Sunday, April 19, 2015

And Then There Were None

The last Icelandic Sheepdog puppy left yesterday with his new mommy, Courtney.  Courtney's mother came with her for company. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

 I knew I was going to be down after they left but I really didn't know how low I would be. We had trouble with coccidia and one of the pups actually got giardia. They were never really ill, still very happy and active but I tend to be a worrier. They all seem to be recovering now, thankfully; their new families are keeping me informed about their progress. I think I may come to regret not keeping one of the pups from this amazing litter.

I see freighters way out in Lake Huron frequently but rarely see smaller craft. Yesterday I saw these two fishing boats out in front of my home and they reminded me of Silver Lake and my Grandfather and brother, both fishermen extraordinaire.

On one of our last trips early last fall to "our" waterfall, I dug with a spoon a small offshoot of a large leaved waters-edge plant and transplanted it to the edge of my goldfish pond. It survived but didn't thrive. However, it really surprised me by flowering this week. The flower is a composite and resembles a very small dandelion (which it most definitely isn't). There are several short stalks with several flower buds on each stalk so I'm sure there will be more flowers soon. I haven't any idea what its name is; I've looked in all the books and guides but can find nothing like it which means it's probably a non-native plant.

I used my finger to indicate the size of the flower. The first spring flowers may be small but the appreciation we have for them after a long winter cannot be measured.

 This morning's "First Light"

Friday, April 17, 2015

First Born; Last to Leave

Another Lake Huron Sunrise for Vinlands Icelandic Sheepdogs. People wonder how I manage to get up for the pre-sunrise. Duh! Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

 Bangsi, "Come play with me!"

"Maybe mother Totty will?"

"Ah, yes, the doggy play bow! That means she wants to play too."

Rolling over on the back and exposing the vulnerable stomach is an indication of willingness to play and also a sign of submission. Many Icelandics do this immediately on meeting other dogs to signal that, no they don't want to fight, instead they'd love to play.

Totty and Bangsi are demonstrating lessons on play time.


Puppies are born into a 'pack', a litter, and they learn from their litter mates while growing about cooperation. They learn to bite without hurting. If they bite too hard, their sharp puppy teeth will hurt their partner and the partner will cry and stop playing. It's a very, very important lesson. They want to play. Bullies don't get to play because no one wants to play with them. It's important while they are still puppies to be able to play with other puppies. That's why I strongly encourage people to enroll in a puppy class ASAP after their puppies are protected by vaccinations but before they forget lessons learned from their littermates.

Totty and Bangsi are using their 'soft mouths' to play. When you play with your puppy, let it know if it hurts you that using teeth on your skin is not acceptable. Crying "Oww!"  lets your pup know that it's hurt you. Stop playing for a few seconds. Neither Totty nor Bangsi had to cry "Oww!" during this play session.

 Bangsi is practicing his 'back-side down' to show willingness to play. When you play with your puppy, try to maneuver it gently into that position from time to time.

Vinlands Totty with one of her recent pups, Vinlands Bangsi, sired by Calvin (Kross Gola Kelinn). Bangsi was the first puppy born in his litter and is the last one to leave his birth home. It will be very hard letting him go. He's special.