Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The early spring iris have started flowering. Yay, almost spring!


I am looking at some property up north in Michigan's thumb area on Lake Huron. I've been wanting to build a home there for a long time and this looks like the place!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter - (last night)

We have not had a hard winter this year. It sounds like the people in Europe are getting our winter and theirs as well. I'm sorry about that actually. Some people at Sportsmens today were talking today about the possible coming snowstorm and mentioned that the ground has not really frozen this winter - so far. Maybe it's more correct to say that if it has frozen, it's only one or maybe two centimeters deep - less than an inch. Right now my pond is 'open' - not frozen and the soil is thawed - again. The pond has frozen twice but never enough that would be safe to walk on. Ask Tryggur who fell in once - once is usually all it takes. He will avoid walking on it unless it is fully frozen from now on I'm sure.

The downside of this mild winter is that the dogs are tracking in a lot of mud which normally does not happen until spring - which is what this winter has felt like - spring.

When I came back home today after taking Pila and Tryggur to Rally class this morning at 10:00, I decided that I needed to take some photos of our flowering Snowdrops and Winter Aconite before they got covered by snow.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kersins Huld (Thordunu Kria)

I was so lucky to find Helga and, a little later, Silla, when I first started with Icelandic Sheepdogs. Those kind, generous, and wonderful ladies have both been excellent non-judgmental mentors.

I have been blessed with the kind of guidance and tutoring that a novice really needs when trying to negotiate the hurdles of raising, training, breeding, whelping, Icelandics. I wish that everyone could experience the kind of leadership those ladies and some others like them have given me. I have been extremely lucky to have avoided the dictatorial, dogmatic, it's "my way or the highway" experience that some people have had lately.

From the day Huld got here from Iceland eleven years ago she has loved being up on the steps looking down on the living room. She and Kria can often be found there when all the others are "with" me. They must think of it as a dormant volcano! (Or an active one - Eyjafjallajokul?? I'm spelling that from memory so it's probably wrong.) I have to coax the two of them down - often.


Thank you Silla and Helga!

Winter Aconite

The Eranthis have been blooming for a couple of weeks now probably because we've had such a mild winter - - so far. They are tough - can survive the dogs running over them. On a sunny day, even a cold sunny day, they open up. Today is a normal cloudy Michigan day so they are closed. Insects, like the wild species bees, can be seen visiting them even when it's cold as long as the sun is out.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vinlands Totty x Foothills Laki

I just picked up Totty from Colleen. Tot had spent some time visiting the new AKC champion, Foothills Laki, in central Michigan. I'm not sure she was glad to see me; she apparently thoroughly enjoyed her stay with him. I'm hoping for puppies in a couple of months. They should be very, very nice. This will be her first litter.

Laki is the consummate champion - even when he's relaxed, he looks "posed", doesn't he. What a charmer! I think some dogs are just born with that champion look. (Totty looks exhausted. She can't even sit straight - chuckle.)

If the mating takes, I would expect half the puppies to be tricolors (black, tan and white) and half to look something like dad.

There's a wonderful mix of ancestors in this cross: - The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Germany, and the States.

If you're interested in a puppy, scroll down a few entries to January 28 to see my contact information.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


These photos of Tryggur, Vinlands Kani, from the recent Livonia Kennel Club show were sent to me by Nancy Heinold who did his PennHIP x-rays. She knows him and his parents, Alaskasta├░irs Korpur and Vinlands Piaf, both inside and out!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here's a photo of Tryggur after his recent second major, this one under Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman, and his best of winners. A huge Thank You to Eileen Hyde, Jennifer Sanders, and Ann Keil.

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