Monday, February 23, 2009


Last week newspeople from our local Fox news channel featured Sportsmen's Dog Training Club's Canine Good Citizen test.

It's great to belong to a club where people love their dogs and work with them and one another as a team.
(I think by copying and pasting this you can see the short video of that 'filming'.)

James L. Hansen
810 W. 13 Mile
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Teamwork makes the dream work.
(The same holds true here. I think by copying and pasting any of the above addresses, you can view the site.)

Sportsmen's Dog Training Club held one of their trials last weekend. Kata and Korpur each got two legs towards their Rally Excellent (RE) titles.

I think Kata finished her RE title. (To earn a title, a team (handler and dog) must score more than 70 points out of 100 in three separate rally events.

I'm not sure if Korpur finished his RE title. I should know. I'm embarrassed that I haven't kept better track of things. Ten years ago that would have bothered Type-A Jaime. When you retire, if you're lucky and smart, you have a different, healthier perspective. If Korp didn't finish his title this time, we'll try for one more leg in the spring when nicer weather returns.

Don't they look great flying over the jump? I'm so proud of them and happy that they don't blame me for not doing more with them. As long as we're together, we are all happy.

Me? I'm so grateful that my dogs 'center' me and give me a positive focus. There is too much nastiness going on in the world.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isi Kappusino


Please feel free to contact me personally about Kappu.

Puppy Application


Application for Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy Ownership

My goal is to help match each one of my puppies with a compatible family. I want to ensure as good a match as possible. My main concern is the long-term welfare of the dog. I am perfectly content for my puppies to live in a pet home where they will be lovingly cared for. I am also happy when one of my puppies lives in a breeding home or a dog-sport show home whether it is an AKC,UKC or CKC home. (Dog sports include agility, rally, obedience, herding, flyball, tracking, search and rescue, therapy-dogs, etc.)

Please take your time to read and complete the following questions. Ideally the whole family should participate in this process and sign the form at the end. These questions are designed to help place a puppy in the best home for its individual personality and needs. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Your responses will help me in matching the puppy and the family. Please feel free to elaborate on your answers.


_____ Have you had dogs before? (yes/no)

_____________________________ If yes, what breed(s) have you had?

What happened to them? ___________________________________________________

_____ Are any members of your household allergic to dogs? (yes/no)

What kind of a dog are you looking for? (Check which apply.)
_____ Indoors predominantly

_____ Inside/outside

_____ Outdoors predominantly

______________________ Where will your Icelandic be when you are home?

______________________ Where will your Icelandic be when you are not at home?

______________________ How many hours a day will your dog be alone?

______________________ Where will your Icelandic sleep at night? (Please be specific as possible)

______________________ Where will your Icelandic be if you are away overnight?

______________________ Where will you keep your dog if you are away on vacation?

_____ Will you crate-train your Icelandic yes/no)

_____ If you are going to crate-train your dog, how many hours a day will the dog be in its crate?

_____ Do you have any children living with you? (yes/no) (Please list their ages and sex.)

_____ How many adults are in your household?

_____ Does everyone in your household want this adoption? (yes/no) (If you answered no, please explain.) _______________________________________________________

_____ Do you have any other pets? (yes/no)

_____ If you have other pets, how many?

What kind? ____________________________________________

_____ Have you ever had to give up a dog? (yes/no)

If yes, what were the circumstances? __________________________________________

_____ Will you allow your Icelandic on your furniture? (yes/no)

_____ Will you allow your Icelandic on your bed? (yes/no)

______________________ When your dog is outside, will it be in a fenced yard/lot or in a fenced dog-run?

_____ Is your yard completely fenced? (yes/no)

What kind of fence do you have and how tall is it? _____________________

How big is the fenced yard or lot? _____________

How big is the fenced dog run? _____________

_____ Is the fenced area and/or dog run secure? (yes/no)

_____ Do you have a dog-door from the house to the yard? (yes/no)

_____ Will your Icelandic be tied up when it is in the yard? (yes/no)

_____ If you are looking for an older Icelandic, would everyone living in your house be able to come and meet a possible adoptee? (yes/no)

_____ Are you willing to allow a home visit? (yes/no)

______________________ How long have you been looking for an Icelandic?

What type of dwelling do you currently live in?

_____ Apartment
_____ Condo-Apartment
_____ Condo-Detached
_____ Duplex
_____ Farm-house
_____ House
_____ Modular home, Mobile home

_____ Do you rent or own?

_____ If you rent your residence, are you allowed to have a pet(s) and have you met the requirements of your lease to have a dog? (yes/no)

Please list your landlord’s name and phone number if you rent: ________________________________________________________________________

How long have you lived at your present address? ___________

How did you hear about the Icelandic Sheepdogs? _____________________________

What made you decide that an Icelandic would be best for you? ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________

What type of food will you feed your dog? _____________________________________

_____ Will you feed the dog canned food? (yes/no)

_____ Will you feed the dog “people” food? (yes/no)

_____ If the dog requires a special diet, will you supply it? (yes/no)

Who will feed and care for your Icelandic? ___________________________

_____ If your Icelandic requires obedience training, are you willing to go through the training process? (yes/no)

______________________ Who will exercise and train the dog?

How will you exercise your dog? ____________________________________________

_____ If necessary, are you willing to bathe or groom your Icelandic on a regular basis? (yes/no)

____ Have you had any experience in housebreaking and/or training a dog? (yes/no)

If your Icelandic makes a mistake, how will you correct (discipline) the dog? _________

How will you discipline your dog for:
Digging ________________________________________________________________
Barking _________________________________________________________________
Chewing ________________________________________________________________

Preferred sex of your Icelandic:
_____ male
_____ female
_____ either

Why? __________________________________________________________________

_____ Are you interested in breeding this dog? (yes/no)

_____ Are you interested in spaying or neutering? (yes/no)

___________ Preferred age range

_____ Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to your dog even if you have a life-style change such as: moving, divorce, marriage, children, etc.? (yes/no)

How long do you plan to keep this dog? _______________________________________

If something happens that you or members of your household can no longer care for this dog, who will assume the responsibility? _____________________________________

_____ What is the price range you would consider for puppy? (Normal range is between $800 and $2,000. Caution: price is not a guarantee of quality.)

Is there anything you want to ask about me? ___________________________________

Why do you think yours will be a good home for a puppy? ________________________

Date: ____________________
Home Phone (_____)__________________
Work Phone (_____)___________________
Cell Phone (_____)___________________
E-Mail Address:_________________________________________

Who is your Veterinarian? __________________________________________________
and contact information ____________________________________________________

Name and phone number of a local individual (not a relative) who knows or has known your other animals: ___________________________________________

_____ Has any member of your household ever been convicted of cruelty to animals. (yes/no)

Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________
Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________
Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________
Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________
Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________
Signature _____________________________ Date ____________________

Date Received: _____________________

Please complete this form and snail-mail or email to:
James L. Hansen
810 W. 13 Mile
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Kria and Korpur's 2007 Pups

Vinlands Thor (top photo on the right) lives with a very nice couple in Pennsylvania, is intact and old enough to be bred now. His hips will be tested soon and we hope he will be good. That's snow on their fur! He carries tricolor and has longer fur. (AYat BB ss)

Vinlands Ljufa (Lulu - middle photo) lives in Washington state with a great family and is a wonderful longer furred black tricolored bitch. She turns two this year. (atat BB ss) Notice her wonderful tail!

Vinlands Ronja lives in Canada and is CKC and AKC registered. She is a tricolored bitch and carries the rare recessive gene for chocolate-brown fur (Bb); we're looking forward to fantastic puppies from her. She has that "old fashioned" Icelandic Sheepdog look - in my opinion - has shorter fur and is probably Ss genetically. (atat Bb Ss) Ronja has a fantastic tail.

(Key: AY = tan shades and at = tricolor; S = short fur; s = long fur and B = normal coloring; b = chocolate-brown)

The puppies in Kria and Korpur's next litter should be similar to these spectacular full siblings.


My Icelandics are not officially allowed on my furniture when I'm home. Kria (top) and Korpur may be expecting their second and final litter this spring which means the puppies, if any, will be ready to leave perhaps some time in May.

One of the next blog posts will have a copy of my application. If you're interested, please fill it in and send it on to me. A deposit will reserve a puppy for you. Deposits will be returned if there are not enough puppies from this breeding unless you'd like to wait for next year's litter.

Because this is a repeat breeding, I will also post in a subsequent blog some adult photos of their 2007 litter. I expect some black tricolored (black, white, tan) pups and maybe some black and white pups like father Korpur.