Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mini Vacation

We had our first bonfire on the Lake Huron beach the night the four Parlangelis, Jon, Tracy, Warhol, and Frankie, left. This view was taken from the sandy beach looking north. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Immediately after they drove off the sunset was amazing.

Tracy and Jon brought up some triple creme gorgonzola which we traditionally have with white Swiss alpine strawberries. As Marie Antoinette might have said, Gardening is such a chore but someone has to do it so why not us?

One evening we had a chicken alfredo pasta with freshly picked sauteed green and yellow zucchini from the garden.

There are many one room schools along the roads up here. 

This reminded us of Secondhand Lions!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Insect?

Yes, indeed. I have several favorite insects; the hummingbird moth is one of them. Although they are moths, they are out in the daytime and some mistake them for hummingbirds. I was enjoying the thin-leaved cattail when I noticed a hummingbird (I thought at first) hovering around the flowers of the butterfly bush. My butterfly bushes don't live longer than two or three years, probably because of our cold winters, but they do produce volunteer plants from seeds. When I got closer I saw this moth hovering and drinking nectar. I caught the wings stilled. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The kids, slowed by recent oppressive heat and humidity allowed me to photograph their faces.

Kata (Kersins Kata)

Korpur (Alaskastadirs Korpur)

Kria (Thordunu Kria)

Bear (Bersi av Isheim)

Totty (Vinlands Totty)

Pila (Vinlands Piaf)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lexington Garden Tour

Today was hot, almost too hot for a Garden Tour, and dry, too dry also. Twelve generous families allowed a very large group of explorers. Because the gardens were spread over quite a large territory, it too quite a while to visit them all. All of the gardens were loved and groomed and very, very nice.

This large lovely yard had wood sculptures scattered among the large white pines. 
Huge Hostas inhabited the pine needle covered floor of the forest.


At the end of a very long curved drive which had yards of flower gardens along the way appeared a lovely house in front of which were gardens and a large pond with a bridge and a gazebo on an island. The grand-kids skate on the pond in the winter after grandma makes sure the ice is thick enough.

South of Lexington there's a marvelous, interesting house and studio belonging to an artist and his wife. Several of his sculptures were placed around the yard.


The final garden on the tour, like many of the others, had extensive water interests. Everyone was very kind; I enjoyed being allowed to explore what others have done with their up-north homes.