Friday, November 30, 2018

November, 2018


Hygienic Dress League Corporation - 
near Bad Axe, Michigan

On Thursday after Thanksgiving I finally went shopping for groceries. Weather where I live on the shore of Lake Huron is affected by the water. Although we've had a little snow, most of it melts before it hits the ground. About half a mile inland the snow sticks to the ground and the further from the shore, the more snow there is.

These deer shots are from last week. There are too many deer here. Should hunting season be increased to reduce the size of the herds? The incidence of tic borne diseases like Lyme are on the increase. Of course it's not just deer that carry ticks, wild mice, rabbits, squirrels, etc. do also

First Light/Sunrise

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Loki fra Sherwood Forest

Here's a very nice posting from Jo Ann Secondino*

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It is with great sadness that I share that Loki fra Sherwood Forest MXJ. AX. NA. NAJ. OAJ. AXJ passed away last evening at the age of 15.

Loki was Sandi Dunn's faithful companion and partner in competition. Loki for Sandi was that one dog who ..... opened doors ..... made new things possible ..... he was her heart dog. The pair were among the first two Icelandic Sheepdogs to qualify for the the AKC Agility Invitational when the breed first became eligible to compete in AKC performance events in 2006. They helped introduce K-9 performance sport enthusiasts to a new breed that they could compete with. Loki was a wonderful ambassador for the breed .

Loki was not only a great sport dog but was also direct descendant of the Palmahaus line who were among the first Icelandic Sheepdogs in the USA. The Palmahaus pedigree is among the most genetically unique dogs in our breed, making Loki and his siblings important dogs to maintain our breed's genetic diversity. Sandi has fostered this pedigree for over a decade to ensure that it didn't fade away, for this I am eternally thankful.

Loki is the sire and grandsire to an AKC Grand Champion, to Performance dogs and fabulous companions. Loki's offspring were among those counted and recorded so that we might move onto AKC Full Acceptance. His legacy lives on in Blackstar Icelandics, Audurs Icelandics, Alderwood Icelandics, Elskan Min Icelandics, Orlean's Icelandics, Fox Meadow Icelandics, Tunturiketun Icelandics, Blue Zafir Icelandics as well as having other grand offspring in Germany and across Europe who will be standing stud and having litters.

Jon and I are grateful to Sandi and Loki for allowing us to become part of her Blackstar Family by letting Loki sire our "Valhalla litter" with our Heaven. They gave us three lovely tempered happy pups who we hope will go on to help keep the breed genetically diverse. I am certain that when Loki crossed the Rainbow Bridge (Bifrost) - he took the path to Valhalla where the Einherjar open the great hall doors and he lays at their feet happily chewing bones among the best of company. Loki Fra Sherwood Forest an incredible Dog who made a difference in out breed and will not be forgotten. — with Sandi Dunn.

* Used with permission from: -
Jo Ann Secondino
Fox Meadow Croft
Home of irresistible Icelandic Sheepdogs,
spunky Shetland Sheep,
some very busy bees,
and one crazy cute Chinook

Loki fra Sherwood Forest

Recently Sandi Dunn lost her faithful Icelandic Sheepdog Loki fra Sherwood Forest bred by Nancy Sanders. He turned fifteen this year and we thought he had a while longer but it was not to be.

Loki and Sandi were among the very first Icelandic Sheepdogs to participate in the American Kennel Club's agility trials and the two of them were able to earn many titles together including CGC, NA, NAJ, OA, AX, AXJ, MX, and MXJ. The pair of them introduced Icelandic Sheepdogs to many people who were inspired to enter not just agility trials but other performance events too.

Loki was descended from the Nina Hill's Palmahaus Kennels, one of the earliest North American breeders of Icelandics. Through Loki and his siblings Meyla fra Sherwood Forest and Gunnar fra Sherwood Forest the Palmhaus line of Icelandics contines to enrich the diversity of our North American lines in Canada and the United States.

In the early days of their North American journey Sandi Dunn of Blackstar Kennel, Christine Vowles  of Brekkubrun Kennel, and Mary Lou Engert and Les Schmertzler of Vesturhlithar Kennel  kept the Palmahaus line alive and well. They all produced dogs that were excellent ambassadors for our breed. Their efforts will not be forgotten.

Sandi and Loki

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunrise or Sunset - does it really matter. Regardless. It's the second reason I wake up early here. Can you guess the first? Hint: Furry Centipedes minus 68. Or maybe just minus 76. Clicking enlarges the photos.


Yesterday Dick Goody, curator of the Art Gallery at Oakland University, asked me what my first art purchase was - - I think no one has ever asked me that. I am incredibly sorry that I did't turn the question back on him. Hopefully I will be able to correct that oversight. I was flummoxed and momentarily unable to search my memory back that far without prompts - the visual prompts of my collection. He also used that word - collection - a word I think I've never used for my art. I will from now on. It does fit.

Oakland University in Oakland County, Michigan, absolutely needs to have a first rate world class Art Gallery/Museum. They have an amazing collection which needs sharing.

My first art piece as a gift came from an art student who I knew when I was in college. She called it "Icarus Falling" but I didn't know that at the time and so I hung "Icarus" as "Icarus Rising" - that being more hopeful, sadly poor Icarus eventually did fall however. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The first oil we bought was a very small affordable piece that we got from Arwin Galleries in downtown Detroit back in the day. The artist was Rukavina and the scene he painted might have been from a gallery opening - or maybe my memory wants to remember the name (The Gallery Opening) as that.

Lester sold us quite a few pieces over the years but unfortunately we did not take him up on one superb piece entitled, if I remember correctly, "High Yellow". I can visualize it to this day. He told us we could make time payments and the price really was not horrific but we were both teachers making nothing and living from paycheck to paycheck so we declined. That was the biggest art mistake we ever made. A good lesson to learn. I am still uncomfortable buying things on time - the child of Depression Era parents.

 Most of the time we bought etchings because those we could afford - and they appealed to us. We'd go downtown almost every weekend wander the streets, tour the many galleries, have lunch sometimes in Hudson's and other times at the Caucus Club or the London Chop House. There was a small frame shop in downtown Royal Oak, when it was a separate city before it became a suburb, where we'd have them framed. I remember what the gallery owner looked like but cannot remember his name - yet.

The etching below was done by Peterdi. I have another of his tree etchings. They remind me a bit of what I fantasize B'rer Rabbit's briar patch was like. Farmer MacGregor! You know I love trees, spring, summer, fall, winter. I love them.

This is an etching by Jacques Villon of his brother the sculptor Marcel Duchamp working on a marble - or at least that's how I remember the story. I am very fond of our early purchases. They started an enriching life long love of art. Thank you Dick for awaking some long quiescent memories.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Oakland University Art Gallery

Today the current exhibition "Who Were They Then" curated spectacularly by Dick (Stephen ) Goody in Oakland University's Art Gallery closed to a large-audienced final artists' discussion. All the artists: Morgan Barrie, Carole Harris, Mel Rosas, Clinton Snider, and Bryant Tillman, participated in a free wheeling and informative discussion regarding their own works, the evolution of their art from the past until today, and their thoughts about the future of their art. Some people in the audience were artists, others, like myself, were aficionados. The discussion was understandable. All the artists explained their art and why they've done what they did in the past, what they are currently doing and why, and what they think their future directions might be.  I have been to many gallery openings and closings and have not experienced any that came close to being as good as this one was. This was educational, instructive, fun. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Dick Goody, Bryant Tillman, Carole Harris, Morgan Barrie

Goody, Bryant Tillman, Carole Harris, Morgan Barrie, Clinton Snider, Mel Rosas
Paintings: left - Rosas, right Tillmans

Dick Goody 
Painting - Rosas

Morgan Barrie

Morgan Barrie

Carole Harris

Carole Harris

Carole Harris

Mel Rosas

Clinton Snider, Mel Rosas

Mel Rosas - Miniatures

Clinton Snider

Clinton Snider

Bryant Tillman

Bryant Tillman

Bryant Tillman

Bryant Tillman
Tanya and Denzel

Tamarack - a deciduous "evergreen"

Weeping Willow

Korpur's Pond