Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I love my mornings - the days then are still full of possibilities. Virtually every day begins with a beautiful first light and/or a beautiful sunrise. Hope! I love the lake affect snow clouds that rise over Lake Huron and move away from me as they head east to Canada dumping their Lake Huron water as snow "over there". The dark skies make the water look mercury-like (mercurial?)

While I've been editing this post, I saw a freighter on the lake. People sometimes ask me if the ships/boats run all winter. I don't know. Last winter for sure no. It was hard and long and cold and the surface of the water froze a long way out. This year hasn't seemed quite as cold, Thus: -

Kathy came last week for an afternoon visit. It's a long trip for her. I really appreciate her visits. She and I have been though a lot together in our long lives.  We both talk and we both listen. That's rare.  It helps that we think alike politically. We talked. We laughed. We almost cried. We shouted (not at one another). She brought me a dozen more books and several DVDs. I never run out of things to read. What a blessing. I don't know anyone else who would drive so far and stay for only a few hours just because - - - - .

Over the past few years she has shared things I never knew about my parents and their lack of parental support for me. I always kind of knew. But I didn't know for sure or why. Now I do. It's probably good I didn't know for the first 70 years of my life. Sooner or later everything comes out. Sticking around long enough is the key to unraveling the net.

Kathy recently had her perhaps final litter of Golden Retrievers. She has shown, and trained, and bred Goldens for most of her adult life. Her dogs have been her support system like my dogs have been mine. People who have dogs are often "damaged", who isn't damaged, and crave the unconditional love dogs give. People whose parents gave them the love and support they needed as children to become healthy mature adults do not understand why we need our dogs in order to function. Lucky them. Luckier us. What's the expression? "The unexamined life, - - - - ."

Each morning's sunrise is different. It's no wonder our ancestors worshiped the sun. Sometimes I'm drawn to the view and absolutely transfixed, have to stay and watch how it changes as the sun rises.The sequences below show what happened one day last week. (I don't "fix" my shots. They are what they are.) Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I'm glad I've lived long enough to see (and read about) the amazing discoveries we made in space science. What an exciting time to be alive.  How marvelous that they (astronomers, geologists, etc.) have been able to put their knowledge down to a level that I can understand. How terrible that there are people who starve funding to exploration, discoveries, and scientists and yet feed to greed of the war mongers. What is it now? Fifty percent (plus or minus) of our budget goes to war stuff. Not education, health, infrastructure, education. War. I think we must be the %$##-hole country. Shut up Jim. Enough.

The birds don't always share the food but when they do, the shots are special. When the days are nice, I may not see a bird all day. During frigid days, snowy days, sleety days, the feeders become busy again. I help to tide them over during rough weather. I was not going to feed them this year but gave in when the weather got to be bird-difficult.

My neighbors have been feeding the deer - something I will never do  - for several weeks. They have been gone for several weeks now but the deer still go looking for handouts. That's not fair, in my opinion. They came to depend on the food and now it is no longer there. The deer have to cross over my property to get to their property.

I have reached that point in life where my dreams, both daydreams and the night ones, are about people and events from decades ago. I guess that's the mind's way of dealing with the eventual end. The blood supply goes to parts of the brain where blood supply hasn't been generous and those neurons, stimulated by food and oxygen for the first time in years, call back memories. That's been most interesting. All those times I might have been torn between doing what's right and what's not - what's expedient -, well now I'm very glad I did the things I did. Makes this time of life pleasant.

I sold my first book last week to Fred and Annette. I'm anxious to hear their reaction, if any. I still have a few copies left. Ha!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Daydreaming - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

An Icelandic Sheepdog puppy born in Switzerland recently looks to me like it could be a rare reverse-pied* pup. Keep in mind that I'm not sure there is even a thing called reverse-pied. Or how it's inherited. Or if it is indeed "rare". I suspect that the gene is recessive to "normal" pied which, in turn, is recessive top "normal" (non-spotted) coloring.

I have seen reverse-pied dogs in the tan shade but few that are tricolor. In Icelandic Sheepdogs tricolor dogs are black & tan with white, they have three colors. That Swiss puppy is a tricolor (black & tan with white) reverse-pied female. I tried to buy her from Ruth, but she is going to keep her - I would too!

Queen's Kinna Lazy River of Jurassic Valley

That got me thinking about tricolor reverse-pied dogs here in the states. I believe that Runestone Gammur bred by Elaine Mozur in 2011 is a tricolor reverse-pied male: -

Runestone Gammur

Hidow Stassa's First Try

I also believe that Hidow Stassa's First Try bred by Veronica Dowling and Jennifer Sanders in 2014 is a tricolor reverse-pied female.

* - reverse pieds, in my opinion, have a color pattern which is the opposite of regular pieds. A regular pied is mostly white with spots, some large, some smaller, of color (red, gold, tan, yellow, cream, black, etc.) on their bodies. Reverses are mostly a solid color (red, gold, tan, yellow, cream, black& tan) with some patches of white. There is often a stripe of white starting on the lower abdomen and going up the side to the upper surface (back) of the dog.

I know the logistics seem daunting, one dog lives in the mid-west and the other lives on the east coast, but to me it would be very interesting to see what offspring between these two dogs would look like. Would they all be tricolor reverse-pieds?

They are not closely related; there are no repeated ancestors through the Great-Great Grandparents in those dogs. The inbreeding coefficient score, a calculation of the rate of inbreeding, is 1.123%

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Icelandic Sheepdog

The books are here.

Several boxes of books arrived today. They really got here much sooner than I thought they would. The price is $31.00 USD which includes shipping and handling for deliveries in North America.

Checks can be sent to me at:
James L. Hansen
7470 Lakeshore Rd. N.
Palms, MI 48465

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2017

Two days ago Lake Huron in front of my house by Forestville was frozen quite a ways out. You can see open water way out. Then, voila, this morning the reverse - open water by the shore and for quite a ways out and then ice in the distance. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The sun rise this morning - and then later, just before noon, the sun was reflecting off sparkling mini-icebergs.

Sunlight makes a huge difference; the animals love basking in the house in the winter sun. Here's I-Ching and Bear.

I don't follow the "rules" with my mother cyclamen plant. I water it just like all my plants; it never stops flowering but does slow down in the summer. That's fine. Who needs flowering plants in the house in the spring, summer, and fall? In the winter it always produces more blooms right on schedule and just when most needed. This plant below is a seedling perhaps from the fourth or fifth generation removed.

And here are Great-Great-Great Grandma on the left and mom.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Icelandic Sheepdogs - Contact Information

I've placed the order for the first printing of my new book "The Icelandic Sheepdog". I'm not sure when the first copies will arrive. I started back in October and it's been a long and pleasant journey to completion. I've enjoyed working with the very helpful, patient, and kind people at the publishing house - especially Jamie, Kirsten, and Brenda. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Front Cover with Korpur

Back Cover
I have placed my first order for books to sell. 
I don't know when they will arrive

If you want to purchase a book -
The cost will be $25.00 USD 
plus $6.00 for Shipping and Handling
Total = $31.00
(Contact Information below.*)

I spent most of the day on Tuesday running back and forth to the post office to find out about shipping costs. It takes me half an hour to drive to Sandusky, which is the capitol of Sanilac County, so most of the morning and early afternoon I was driving. I actually love driving here; there's very little traffic and the roads are usually very good regardless of the weather. However, it is a long trip.

This morning's sunrise

It's been very cold here. Yesterday we had pretty dense fog until noon. The frigid temperatures combined with the fog produced what we used to call hoar frost on the houses, bushes, and trees producing amazing and glorious views.

Contact Information:
James Hansen
7470 Lakeshore Rd. N.
Palms, MI 48465-95608

* - Please keep in mind that any opinions expressed in the book are mine alone. To keep things simple, most of the photos I included are either of my dogs or dogs that I have bred.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Icelandic Sheepdogs - Book

The author's copies of my new 2018 book arrived late this afternoon and surprised me. I was not expecting them for another few weeks.I will proof-read one of my copies for the final time and if there are no changes - which I expect will be the case - I will order copies to sell to interested people. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

I don't know how long it will take to produce the "for sale" copies after I give the last and final  OK to the publishing company.

I will charge $25.00 for a book plus s/h. I will check with the USPS about their shipping fee. I lived in Royal Oak when my last book was published; the post office was two miles from my home and shipping was fairly easy. I now live near Forestville, Michigan. There's a post office in Sandusky, Michigan which is half an hour from me.

My contact information is located in a couple of places on my blog if you scroll back. If you want more information: - jaimehansen1@frontier.com

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Years ago Grandma Hansen taught me how to knit. Fishermen "back then" knew how to knit and how to repair fishing nets. I later taught my father, her son, and David how to knit as well.  When I moved, I brought my afghans and sweaters with me. The afghans are "Fishermen's Afghans" with Irish patterns on them. The two sweaters are Icelandic wool and designs and extremely warm on cold days. The multicolored scarves are recent and done while watching The Vikings and Game of Thrones.

Carolyn hadn't heard about them so I told her I would post photos - here they are. I recently repaired the holes in a few of them; others may not be so easy to "fix". The yellow "yard" stick is for size.