Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Canine Health Information Center

CHIC, Canine Health Information Center, is a storage research center for dogs' health information. CHIC is a branch of the OFA

Currently CHIC is storing three 'facts' about our dogs: - a blood sample from each participating dog, plus CERF, Canine Eye Registration Foundation, eye test results, and the hip dysplasia results from either the OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, or the PennHIP, University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program.

It may be several dog-generations before more information is discovered about some of the genetic issues and problems our dogs face.

The hope is that we can learn about the genes that control juvenile cataracts, hip dysplasia, and other issues facing Icelandics.

Even though it may be years before we can get useful information, we can start now working on some of the problems our breed may face.

We know that a few of our dogs carry one hidden recessive gene that results in juvenile cataracts. Those dogs are perfectly normal, they do not have juvenile (early onset) cataracts. They can pass that hidden gene on to half of their offspring - all of which will not develop juvenile cataracts. However, those dogs, those carrier dogs should not be bred with other carriers because 25% of their puppies will eventually develop cataracts. (Cataracts can be fixed by veterinary ophthalmologists but the operation is expensive.) Breeding carriers to safe dogs saves their other "good" genes and continues to add diversity to our gene pool.

We have been told by the University of Pennsylvania how to increase hip health. Many breeders are listening to their advice.

They advise us to breed dogs with poor hip test results to dogs with better hips. In that way we will have improved the puppies' hip scores, improved the breed's overall average hip scores and, importantly, we will have kept the diversity which will be so important to future breeders for the continued good genetic health of our dogs.

N.B. - I do the hips (PennHIP -University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) and eye tests for my adult  dogs (hips and eyes) and for their puppies (eyes). I do save the test results; I don't send them to the CHIC. I approve of what they do; it's just one too many hoops for me though. I highly recommend the PennHIP over the more familiar OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.)
(https://info.antechimagingservices.com/pennhip/ and https://www.ofa.org/ )

Reducing Erosion

Jay and Martin Gentner finished and left. The ravine exists no more and in its place is a drain and pipes covered by an enormous amount of soil (three layers) leading to the beach. The slope is steep, not for walking. Hopefully greenery will grow soon and reduce rain runoff. It's too sharp an incline to mow. All the trucks and men are gone except for this one vehicle. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Looking west towards the house.

Looking east towards Lake Huron. There are several piles of trees and shrubs removed to make way for the changes. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with them - yet. If you look closely you can see the coarse gravel path leading from the bluff to the beach. Three separate and thick layers of fill were used:  first clean heavy soil, then a layer of clay, and finally what they called topsoil.

The garden continues to amaze and delight.
A quiet place in the sun or shade!
Rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa

 The "vernissage" (varnishing) is the unofficial opening of an art show the day before the official opening - friends and family only.

Weigela - volunteered seedling

"Joy doesn't ever leave you, you know. It's always with you. And one day you'll find it again." Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny

Mullein -self seeded

"She sounds like an emotional vampire - someone who sucks others dry. We're in their presence and come away drained." Louise Penny

Another Campanula

Peace, perfect peace.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Gentner Excavating - Monday, June 25, 2018

"We live in a world of guided missiles and misguided men." - Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

On Friday the Gentner trucks delivered about three dozen truckloads of dirt to sculpt the washed out ravine. All the while Jay was shoving and molding the dirt to fill in the storm ravaged slope.

Martin and Jay Gentner

Driving back from Sandusky this weekend I found this patch of perennial sweet peas along Maple Grove Road. I have a few sweet peas growing in my yard from seeds I found on the bluff by a "modern" house north of Forestville but none this deep in color.

The humingbird's offspring are now visiting the feeder; it's amazing how fast they can drain it!

Polemonium, late iris, Oenothera

Polemonium (Jacob's Ladder)

Oenothera (Evening Primrose)

Oenothera (Evening Primrose)

Sweet William

Sweet William






Rosa nitida?

Rosa nitida?

Weigela (Volunteer)

Hosta - apres la pluie

Hosta - apres la pluie

Yellow Hawkweed



Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your destiny
Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

Some shots of the Gentner Excavating crew working on the erosion of my bluff from yesterday and then again from first light this morning. The last couple of shots are Eli working on the gravity draining pipe that leads from the exterior of my basement and was accidentally and unavoidably damaged by the work yesterday. Clicking on photos enlarges them.