Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday, February, 26, 2015

The Icelandic Sheepdog puppies are growing fast but their eyes are still not open - soon, perhaps? They sleep much of the time: eat and sleep is what they do now.

Vinlands Bangsi

Bangsi has a collar and a small blaze on his forehead and, although he looks dark now, he will probably be one of several shades of tan/yellow; he may also be a sable with longer black hairs covering some of his yellow. He has double dew claws on both rear feet. (His color genes are Ayat Bb.)

Vinlands Kathleen

Kitty is a rare chocolate tricolor with a collar and blaze. Chocolate tricolors are a variation of black tricolors - see Kippa below. So that means they are chocolate-brown & tan with white instead of black & tan and white.  Kitty should closely resemble her mother Totty. In chocolate dogs, any fur that might have been black is instead a chocolate-brown color. The lips, nose, eyelids, footpads are also changed from black to chocolate-brown. The tan remains unchanged in chocolate tricolors; it's only the black that is changed. n.b. If the fur around the eyes is chocolate-brown, then the iris could be brown-ish; however, if the fur around the eyes is tan, the irises will be lighter as well. Having two b-genes changes the melanin, the black pigment. She has double dew claws on both rear feet. (Kitty's color genes are - atat bb.)

Vinlands Lulu

Lulu will be a tan/yellow dog and has a black muzzle-mask like her father's. (See previous posts for photos of Calvin - Kross Gola Kelinn. ) I believe that she will very closely resemble dad but, of course, because she's a female she should be smaller than he is. Both parents are excellent examples of the correct size for Icelandic Sheepdogs, neither too small nor too large. She has double dew claws on both rear feet. (Her color genes are - Ayat Bb.)

Vinlands Edgar

Eddie is a tan shade chocolate dog with a collar and a split face mask. He is named after his Uncle Edgar (Sherwood Forests Gunnar) although he is not closely related to him. You can see several photos of his uncle in early posts. He has double dew claws on both rear feet. (His color genes are - Ayat bb.)

Vinlands Kippa

Kippa is black & tan with very little white. Almost all of our dogs have some white, called Irish Spotting. In our breed we call black, tan, and white dogs tricolors or sometimes black tricolors to distinguish them from chocolate tricolors like her sister Kitty above. Black tricolors are less common than tan shade dogs. Chocolate tricolors are even more rare. When tricolors (either black or chocolate-brown) are born, most of them don't show any tan. The tan, when it shows up, can be any shade of tan from very light cream color to champagne, beige, tan, yellow, gold, red-gold, yellow-gold, red, etc. Colors are very subjective aren't they?) As tri puppies grow the tan gradually replaces the black (or chocolate-brown) on the legs. Tan will also show up as eyebrows, small or large, face-cheeks, etc. Kippa has black down to her "socks" which means she should have lots of tan on her legs. Puppies that have high white socks usually have less tan on their legs; tan replaces the black; it does not replace the white. If you look closely at Kippa's photo you can see that the tan is already showing up on her legs a bit and even on her face. I've found that the earlier the tan shows up while a puppy is growing, the more it will replace black. It never completely replaces it. Kippa has double dews on both rear feet. (Her color genes are - atat Bb.)

Vinlands Elisabeth

Betty is a tan shade chocolate-brown dog. She is almost identical to her sister Lulu except because she has two b-genes for chocolate-brown (Lulu has only one b-gene), the hairs that would have been black are instead chocolate-brown. So, like Lulu and like her father Calvin, she will have a muzzle-mask but it will be chocolate-brown not black. She has double dew claws on both rear feet. (Betty's color genes are - Ayat bb.)

I've probably mentioned it before. Totty has shorter fur which is probably the result of a dominant gene or genes. Calvin has long fur so he probably has recessive genes for fur length. I expect half of their puppies could share Totty's fur length and half could have longer fur like Calvin. It seems that more dogs in conformation shows have longer fur. Over time, dogs with shorter fur could possibly become rare. I think that would be a shame. I won't know which puppies will have longer fur and which will have shorter fur for several weeks. They are all short furred now! Ha!

People have asked to come visit but I'm paranoid. Justifiably. I have known people who have lost entire litters to a disease called Parvo (Google it). Until puppies have received at least one shot of DHPP* which they cannot get until they are about six to eight weeks of age, they are highly susceptible to Parvo. If one puppy in a litter gets Parvo, all of them get it and most will succumb - die.

Many (most?) adult dogs are protected against Parvo but they can transmit (carry) the disease to unprotected dogs and puppies. I keep unfamiliar adult dogs away - far, far away - from my pups. People who have seemingly healthy dogs can transmit Parvo from their dogs to unprotected puppies. The 'bugs' can travel on their hands or even on their clothes.

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Puppy applications can be had by asking me through my email:

* Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parinfluenza

Monday, February 23, 2015

One Week Old

Our Icelandic Sheepdog puppies are one week old now.

Meet Bangsi (l) and Edgar (r), the two boys.

Here are the girls.
Kippa - black tricolor
Kitty - chocolate tricolor
Elisabeth (above) - chocolate masked tan shade chocolate
Lulu (below) - black masked tan shade

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Applications can be had by asking me through my email:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Choosing Puppies

In dogs we call personality "temperament" and their temperaments don't become apparent until they are several weeks old. Even then I doubt that one could be sure what a puppy will be like when it's an adult.

I try to match a puppy with an appropriate home - which is not always easy. If there's a puppy someone especially likes, I try to accommodate that choice.

I also do not reserve a puppy until I have an idea what it will be like later.

I ask people who want a puppy to fill out an application in an attempt to get a feel for what kind of dog they would like to have join their family. I am always excited and a bit nervous when people ask me for an application. Those of us who breed puppies actually fall in love with from the moment they are born and it's hard to let them go.

Skotta and Korpur
Applications can be had by asking me through my email:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Icelandic Puppies

The Icelandic Sheepdog puppies are doing well their first week. Totty is being a great mother and they are all tummy-full, strong, and noisy. Puppy breath is amazing. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

the two boys
the four girls
the four girls
the four girls

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Four Thousand Words

They say - - - - - -

immediately above, left to right: m,f,f,f,m,f
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Contact Information

The sun rose for the second morning of my Icelandic Sheepdog puppies' lives on earth - hope that doesn't sound too profound. Of course their eyes aren't open yet and won't be for several days still so they can't see the amazing sunrises here.

In the photos below Totty is starting a short break from nursing which at this age is reliably constant. Someone asked today if any pups are still available. Yes. There should be a puppy application above on the right for anyone who might be interested. The father, Kross Gola Kelinn, is an AKC champion with several agility titles earned with his mom Kim. Vinlands Totty is an AKC Grand Champion and has her performance CGC and RN titles. There are copies of their pedigrees and many photos in previous posts; they're also available on request. Clicking on photos enlarges them.
I love the "puppy piles" mothers leave when they take feeding or potty breaks. The pups are somehow rounded up for mutual comfort and security before she goes.
I can be contacted by email:

I see deer crossing my neighbors' properties several times a day but have never taken photos of them. So today I thought I'd try. Just as I started photographing them, a hawk swooped in to try and get a bird from the feeder. I'd been wondering why my birds were being so skittish and suspected a hawk.

I'm going to try and identify the species of hawk.

Monday, February 16, 2015

First Individual Photos

There are four girls and two boys:
1. the first born - a tan shade male puppy with very dark hairs over the tan which may be protective coloration for pups born in the field with sheep; he has a small blaze and a collar and looks almost black for now. He was so black when he was born that I thought he was a tricolor - until he dried off, below

2. the second born is a chocolate tricolor (chocolate & tan, with white) female like mom, below

3. a tan female puppy with a black muzzle mask that's going to look a lot like her dad Calvin, below
4.  a tan shade chocolate male with a blaze, collar, and split chocolate mask, below

5. a black tricolor (black & tan with white) female which is almost completely black (the tan points develop as puppies grow), below

6. a tan shade chocolate female with a chocolate muzzle mask with a small spot on her back that will look like Calvin except she will be chocolate - I think, below

The six puppies, here with and Totty, were not happy to be photographed individually.
Phew! Lunch Time!!

Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Six Icelandic Sheepdog puppies woke up to bitterly cold temperatures and this morning sky! A two-fer. What a perfect greeting for dogs from Iceland; they began arriving during Downton Abbey and finished about 1:30 a.m.


(That's not the wind chill temperature in Port Huron; we live an hour north.)

There are four girls and two boys; colors probably include:
1. the first born - a tan shade male puppy with very dark hairs over the tan which may be protective coloration for pups born in the field with sheep, he looks almost black for now,
2. the second born is a chocolate tricolor female like mom,
a tan shade dog,
3. a tan female puppy with a black muzzle mask that's going to look a lot like her dad Calvin,
4. a tan shade chocolate male with a chocolate muzzle mask that will look like Calvin - I think
5. one black tricolor (black & tan with white) female which is almost completely black (the tan points develop as puppies grow),
6.  tan shade chocolate that should look like grandma Vera.

Judging colors at birth is risky. Icelandics do not always seem to end up looking like what you predict.

All are healthy and happy and nursing to beat the band.

Here are some pictures from last night and this morning. Using the descriptions above, can you pick them out in the photos below?


Colleen and I are delighted.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here's Totty posing in our new Dura-Whelp whelping box, no good deed . . . . . .

Some contractions have started but they're still far apart. Reason suggests that arrivals could start some time in the middle of the night - of course.

The water vapor evaporating from Lake Huron will soon be heading over to the east shore of Lake Huron and falling on Canada and eventually perhaps even Buffalo as snow. Clicking enlarges photos.



The wind chill is minus 32 (in Port Huron) which really means 64 degrees below freezing; 32 degrees Fahrenheit is freezing. We live north of Port Huron where it's minus 38 wind chill - or so they say. I'm not going to quibble.

Very cold. The coming week will be more of the same. The power went off yesterday for a few minutes but things are fine now. The road to the highway is "iffy". Once there, the roads are virtually impassable. Totty is due soon; she's beginning to "nest". The nearest vet is 30 minutes away in perfect weather. It's beautiful here.


I'm curious to see if the heat's still on in the pole barn; I keep it on very low in the utility room.. Maybe later today I'll go check.