Thursday, April 4, 2013


 As you can see, Wodin the Icelandic Sheepdog is doing great.

"Wodin would like to send a Happy Birthday wish to all his littermates. His Birthday started with a great big 'birthday bone' which dutifully got buried after a good chew. After his favourite game of 'fetch' he helped bring wood in, chased the birds off his turf and then proceeded to cool down in his 'swimming pool' - our small pond. Then it was back to fun and games if he could get us interested. One trick which always works well - stealing paper from where we are working, got us outside to play ball! After supper it's his playtime with his pillow, pig or snakey followed by winddown and bed. - - He still has your pillow which has been mended and is in his crate at night. I told him he had to be careful with it as I wasn't going to mend it again and would you believe he has been ever so gentle with it since."

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