Monday, August 26, 2013

Mori and Totty

Here are the first individual photos of Mori and Totty's chocolate-brown tricolor boys taken by Sheryl Thelen; Mori is an AKC and a UKC champion; Totty is an AKC Grand Champion.
                                         Male #1 (above)
                                         Male #2 (above)
                                         Male #3 (above)
                                         Male #4 (above)

Three of the males have "Tinni Spots"! Can you find them? I believe Íslands Garða Tinni, a black tricolor male, gave his name to those spots that sometimes appear just behind the forehead and between the ears of black or chocolate-brown tricolor dogs.

Here are two photos of proud mom and dad; after that is a copy of the puppies' pedigree. 
                                 Mori - - - looking positively regal
                                         Totty - proud mom
Clicking on the pedigree will enlarge it - hopefully enough so that you can see clearly the ancestors. Note that none are repeated which means the pups have a very low inbreeding score.  I believe that all the health information should be easy to find. With these BreedMate pedigrees it is.

DebbieO bred the litter. She may be reached via email at: - Deb Ostrander  =

Hopefully with two parents as AKC Champions, these boys should all go on to do great things!

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