Monday, June 2, 2014

Ever So Slowly But Surely - - - -

 I now have an email address. I am not going to post it because I want to avoid spam and some people.

My friends and relatives have my old email; the new email starts out exactly the same but ends with [I needed to correct this ending. My email address ends with - - - (and not - - -] You think you're confused! HaHa! Me! I'm the confused one. What a Brave New World  this is now. Amazing.

I do not have access to any of the emails from my old Comcast account. It took frontier almost three months to get me up and running and during that time I "lost" my contacts.

I am very anxious to hear from people, so write a short note. Please. 

My adventure continues. I see large birds (bald eagles) and small birds (hummingbirds) as well as many migrating warblers, resident Orioles, catbirds, mourning doves, crows, red-wing blackbirds, house wrens,  - all of which which I absolutely love. I putter around my sanctuary while trying to avoid the mid-day sun.

John Cynar, who along with Jon Parlangeli "hung" my Palms house, is working on my Royal Oak house repairing wall damage, removing and replacing carpet, refinishing the living room floor, cleaning accumulated dirt from almost 40 years or living in the same house, enhancing "curb appeal" by cleaning out the front yard, etc.

Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. I drive 30+ minutes to get to the grocery store in Sandusky, MI - the capital of Sanilac county. Today I went to Bad Axe just to buy some Spirea at Wal-Mart. Yes, I've become a Wal-Martian!!

I have not found any plant nurseries - yet.

I am falling in love with the gorgeous scenery here. There are dozens and dozens of windmills and the farmland is lush and productive.

I still want to buy a telescope so I can see the freighters, watch the birds, and dream on the stars.

My brother David came to help me with the move; I could not have done it without him! I have had some weekend guests and we've explored the near and far neighborhoods together - from the amazing waterfall down a path at the end of our private road to the harbor and beach in Port Sanilac about 12 minutes by car.

David and I fell in love with burgers and beer at a nearby biker bar. Tracy and Jon and I found a great ice cream place which was below a really nice sounding restaurant overlooking the sailboats in a harbor.

My camera seems to be broken so I've inserted an old photo of Korpur above; if  were still in Royal Oak I'd know exactly where to go to get it fixed; Port Huron is where I may end up taking it (or I may end up buying a new one).

Korpur is ten now; so is Kria. Kata just turned twelve and Bear is nine. They are in older photos below.

We are loving life and getting old(er) together.

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