Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017

Iris finally came up again and we had a "yuge" birthday celebration: -

Iris and her birthday carrot cake
Visiting once a year is not often enough I'm afraid.

We had an abundance of great food for Thanksgiving including: many stinky cheeses with crackers, broccoli salad, scalloped potatoes, baked squash, rolls, steaks, dressing, for desert - two kinds of pie and a fruit tart. Tracy made a beautiful seasonal centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. John and Jon cooked the steaks without too much drama this year. Fortunately all the dishes seemed to be ready at almost the same time - something of a miracle considering.

 Sunrise Thanksgiving Morning

I think JohnC said it best, "A million dollar view!"

The shots below were taken last week. The views are spectacular, the environment is amazing, the air is clean and fresh. It's never exactly the same view.

Belle came up for a repeat visit with her new best buddies - Korpur, Bear, Kit, Pila, Totty, Kria, Kata. Warhol and Frank pouted probably in Sans Souci - which is, however imo, a great place to pout. Maybe next time? Our furry friends are getting older - so are we.

The weather was excellent for late November and walks were taken on the roads in and also all along the shore both north and south of our Lake Huron beach and, as usual, many interesting fossils - including many fossilized corals (called Petoskey stones here) - were found. We noticed that recent storms somehow managed to transport several large boulders to the ever changing water line. How on earth is that possible (rhetorically speaking)? The strength of water is amazing.

It has seemed like we saw freighters more often this year. Perhaps that's related to the economy? The breaking waves in front of the freighters gives, albeit from a distance, an idea of wave action a third of the way out into the lake.

The dogs and I are recovering from the excitement, drama, food, friends, and find peace after things slow down. Korpur especially misses his two legged friends; all of the animals are, however, much more subdued and, anthropomorphically speaking, saddened by the monotony of being with just me. Once again the cats feel free to roam the house trying unsuccessfully, for now, to tease the dogs with their presence. Normal! Clicking on photos enlarges them.

It's time to call the plumber, the upholsterer, the doctors, the vets, do some gardening- the dahlias need to be "garaged", and to mail checks, finish putting things back in place, do laundry, sigh! The congenial monotony of everyday life.

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