Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ishtar - Easter - Passover

Jon and Tracy came up for the weekend expecting, perhaps, spring weather. John and Lyn joined us on Sunday for an end of winter/beginning of spring/Easter/Passover dinner. It was warm enough for us to go beach exploring with Warhol, Pila, and Frankie. John brought some really great steaks from Holiday Market so with numerous side dishes and a chocolate/chocolate cake for desert, we feasted. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Bon anniversaire,
nos vœux les plus sincères
Que ces quelques fleurs
vous apportent le bonheur

The next day on Monday I had a scheduled double hernia operation at our local hospital and thankfully Jon and Tracy stayed to help me through the vagaries of that visit. I'm very grateful for all of their help. They left Monday evening in order to get back to work the next day. The drugs thankfully were still in full force when they left. On Tuesday, the third of April the drugs wore off and the prescribed drugs didn't touch the pain. I felt like my body had been cut in half across the middle and then stapled back together. (Most of the time I have a high tolerance for pain.)

On Tuesday I received checks from Imelda & Steve and Sally & Daniel for my book so on Wednesday I pried myself into the car and drove to Port Sanilac post office to mail them. I've been very, very lucky and most of my pups have found amazing homes. I love hearing how they are all doing. Wodin and Miss Timber have very loving homes.

Alas, spring has still not arrived here. Yet another morning here finds ice covering my goldfish pond. Fortunately none of the plants have been able to start growing so that so far there has been no damage to tender new growth. I'm actually grateful that the weather is still winter-like because in my current condition I would be unable to work outside. So I'm forced to be indoors, to baby myself with hot chocolate, and to sit on the sofa covered with an afghan re-reading the Louise Penny books featuring Quebec detective Armand Gamache

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