Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lokasteinn Edda Rún

You all might remember that recently I was given a book from Linda and Russ - "Song of the Vikings" written by Nancy Marie Brown. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves our Icelandic Sheepdogs (or Icelandic Horses, or Icelandic Chickens, or especially the Sagas of the Norse peoples). It is fascinating reading. I just received the email below from Nancy's husband, Chuck.

They recently bought a gorgeous Icelandic Sheepdog puppy from Linda and Russ Hansen of Lokasteinn Kennels - look to the right above for a link to their website. 
                      Isn't Edda (above) absolutely beautiful.
                                 (Remember: - clicking on photos enlarges them.)

"I enjoy your writings about Icelandic sheepdogs and have gotten much good information from your blog. My wife, Nancy Marie Brown, and I bought a puppy from Russ and Linda Hansen this past June. Our dog's name is Edda, and we are very pleased with her. She's smart, happy, affectionate, fun to be around, a good watchdog but not an obsessive barker, and as pretty as can be."
"I have had English springer spaniels and one English cocker in the past, all working hunting dogs. I don't hunt much anymore, and it was Nancy's turn to choose a breed, and she settled on an Icelandic sheepdog. We know the breed from Iceland, where we have traveled many times, and some of our riding friends here in the US have ISDs. Your blog helped inform our search as we looked for a breeder producing the kind of dog we hoped to find; we count ourselves very lucky to have connected with Russ and Linda. (I understand that Linda gave you a copy of Nancy's book, "Song of the Vikings". I'm glad you like Nancy's book. She's a very fine writer. My favorite of all her books is "Far Traveler", which also deals with an Icelander -- in this case, an Icelandic woman who was among the first Europeans to visit North America (Newfoundland), well before Christopher Columbus "discovered" this new land. "Far Traveler" is a more personal book than "Song of the Vikings"; it's more in the literary journalism genre. But I also like "Song of the Vikings" too."
"I have been in contact with a number of folks in the ISD world. It seems like a good community of people and enthusiasts linked by their love of this breed. I can't say enough about Linda and Russ, and of course about our Edda. She's amazing. I have had quite a few dogs during my life, and I feel very lucky to have finally found this breed (thanks to Nancy's wise choice!). Edda clearly belongs to both of us; we're both involved in training her and having fun with her, including hiking, snowshoeing, playing, and just plain old snuggling. We allow her up onto the furniture, something we've not done with previous dogs, and it is so wonderful to have this close contact with her. One of my favorite times is early morning, after I've made coffee and recharged the fire in the big soapstone woodstove in our living room. Edda and I just sit there very companionably, watching the fire and the day coming on."
 "We live on a 120-acre farm in a part of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom. We have four Icelandic horses, and next spring and summer we plan to train Edda to follow along as we ride on woods roads and trails near our house. So far, we've been working on general obedience and manners, and enjoying hiking with Edda. I should also mention that we use, in addition to encouragement and verbal praise, a lot of high-quality treats in training. It's great to have a dog with a high level of food desire. Edda particularly responds to real Vermont "Seriously Sharp" Cabot cheddar cheese! (Nothing but the best for our girl!) She's a wonderful member of the family with a great disposition. We train using encouragement and try to keep things fun for everybody. It seems to be working!"
"Thanks for writing so well about ISD's on your blog, and keep up the good work. I attach a few photos of Edda taken recently in our hayfield."

With best regards, Chuck Fergus

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