Monday, March 4, 2013

Edda and Pala

This email, slightly edited, came from my friends Nancy and Chuck: -

"Our young Icelandic Sheepdog Edda (Lokasteinn Edda Rún) will have her first birthday later this month on March 25, 2013. She has brought so much joy and fun into our lives. She loves to go for long walks with us on our woods roads, including snowshoe outings; she's very much at home in the snow. We are trying to persuade her that she really doesn't need to herd the deer that we sometimes encounter. Edda is also doing beginner-level agility training and showing a lot of promise. Russ and Linda Hansen made sure Edda and her littermates spent their early puppyhood in an enriched play environment, and the obstacles that Edda's trying on for size don't faze her at all. She's very bold and confident -- still a teenager at this point, pushing boundaries, figuring things out, but all in all, a wonderful member of our family. Never a dull moment with this girl! From what I've heard, she may have another year of adolescence before settling down to be an adult. (Oh well.)
                                            Edda - click on photos to enlarge them.

"I thought I'd let you know that after seeing a photo of Edda in our holiday newsletter, an old friend of mine, David of Vermont, became interested in getting an Icelandic sheepdog. He and I had a long conversation, and I thought I had actually talked him out of getting an ISD. "They're not happy-to-please, good-old-boy Labs," I told David. I also referred him to Linda for more advice. Lo and behold, David decided to take a puppy from the recent litter at Mombaccus Icelandics in New York state. Edda is very excited at the prospect of having a new playmate from the same breed.


"I thought you might like to see a recent photo of David's puppy, whose call name will be Pala (David tells me it's Icelandic for "small"). I have to say that "cute" doesn't begin to describe that face! And something tells me she'll have it in her to be an imp like Edda at times . . ."
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We call puppies like Pala - NBT (Nothing But Trouble) - doesn't she look like trouble - in a nice way of course? It will be very interesting to watch her grow. What a cutie.

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