Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Flowers

Even though officially spring has arrived in Michigan, unofficially we still are having unusually cold, wintry weather. People who live in warmer climes may not understand how much we appreciate the tiny early harbingers of spring like these early Iris. The leaves have been up above ground for almost a month but the flowers just opened a day or two ago. Species bees recently emerged from dormancy really appreciate their early pollen and nectar. Seldom have we had springs as harsh as this one.
It was in the seventies and eighties last year at this time, the flowering trees had flowered but later frosts and freezing weather had killed the nascent fruit which resulted in low harvests and hurt farmers.
                                            Clicking on the photos enlarges them.

The Jefferson head nickel coin, the Norway maple seed, and the oak leaf at the base illustrate how small the Irises are.

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