Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Colchicums are not the last flower of the year but I really do look forward to them as a harbinger of autumn; they usually start to bloom around the official beginning of fall. They are pink or white, single or double and so lush, large, and pretty! 

Yes, the leaves are large in the spring but they make the energy necessary for the fall flowers and the leaves do die down and disappear before summer. The flowers appear amaryllis-like without any leaves in early fall.
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The water tables are installed; see the gray aluminum and white composite boards on the two photos below. The siding will end up sitting on them. They will be painted the same color as the siding.

The porch light fixtures are ready to be installed in the soffits; if you look closely at the photos of the soffits below you can see the exterior light cavities. There is some wiring done inside the house as well. 

Mary Ramisch came today and stained the soffit wood "hazlenut" brown which had been pre-cut but not installed. She told me that they would have to be done again in two years after the wood had set for a few seasons and 'weathered'. I asked her to remind me! 

The Hardieboard siding came but it was the wrong kind; the boards that arrived were rough cut and Clair (and the lumber company) had specifically ordered the finished version of the boards. Clair called the company; they told him it would be an additional two weeks to make the adjustment; Clair said, "Tomorrow"! (That would be later today.)

When they arrive, Mary will be able to paint them with their first coat of "Gauntlet Gray" before they are hung.

The metal panels are here for the basement and the wood has been put up so facilitate hanging the panels. The 'window' into the crawl space through which the heating ducts will be threaded had to be enlarged; the door into the crawl space has been framed.

The real basement window had been added. Perhaps later that opening will be used to extend heating, plumbing, and electrical into the addition.

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