Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Clair, Brian, and I met with Mitch and Eric from Schweitzer Lakeshore Improvements from Palms, Michigan and sited the heat ducts and cold air returns around the house for the geothermal system this morning. 

That was actually not as simple as it might sound and they were very patient and took time with us to figure out the best locations. Some heat ducts will be on the floor near exterior walls, one heat duct will be in the soffit in the bathroom, one on the wall in the hall, and still another will be at the base of one of the kitchen counters. We wanted to site the openings so that they would not take up valuable wall space.

Out in the front yard after Eric and Mitch left, the three of us looked at the stones for the fireplace and the porches and compared the shades of colors in the stones with paint colors. We chose "gauntlet gray" from Sherwin Williams for the James Hardie fiber cement siding, the car-door and the person-door for the garage, and chose the stain color "Hazlenut" for the soffit boards.

Later in the day we met with Terry the cabinet maker for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counter tops, and the laundry room storage cabinets and laundry folding counter tops. We still have to choose the stain color for the white oak and the color of the quartz counter tops. Terry will also build a medicine cabinet for the bathroom.

Brian later said that perhaps the white oak flooring will not be stained but merely protected.

After everyone had left, the three of us talked about the water table mountings that go at the base of the Hardieboard siding to push water away from the house. Those mountings will be painted the same color as the siding. (Click on photos to enlarge them. Clair is wearing a hat and Brian is 'vested'.) You can see in the second and third photos that the soffits are ready for the boards to be added.

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