Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mary's -

Many of my yellow/brown Lady Slipper Orchids were covered with dirt when Clair built the house. @!#&. He left the dirt piles covering the orchids when he was "finished". However, a very few in another section of the forest survived and are flowering today. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Left early for breakfast at Mary's Diner in Port Sanilac. Along the way there are several stretches of what I call Dame's Rocket which smell quite a bit like lilacs. I transplanted a few last year and two survived. I know they will eventually spread. There are a couple of honeysuckle bushes near some groups. I love honeysuckle; their name, however, implies more than they deliver.

After an egg and pancakes, alone I wandered the beach and pier. I realize that I may not meet anyone when there aren't crowds but solitary I enjoy the views. I am alone but rarely lonely. I made friends when I lived down south but they were mostly situational friends. I am no more alone here than there and that's fine.


Yesterday the concrete was supposed to come and be poured to make the two new porches, a small garage apron, and a short walk. If not yesterday, they said, then today. Well, maybe, if I'm lucky, next week.

The guys from Jeld-Wen (windows and doors) still don't have things right, according to Darin, and will have to come back again.

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