Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merry New Year

I've never understood "why" people celebrate the end of a year and the arrival of a new one,

These three shots show the amazing view from my front porch this calm New Year's morning. Clicking on photos will enlarge them,

Well, indeed, I did survive another year with not too much wear and tear on the old body. Isn't it absolutely amazing that our weak, fleshy body has hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs, brains, bones, etc. that can function as long as they do. Of course they do wear out, some organs sooner than others but the miracle is that they last as long as they do - really.

In the few minutes it took to write that, the sun, always faithful, came up. It is no wonder that remote ancestors worshiped the sun - our source of life. Imagine that. Nuclear radiation providing the source of energy for most life here on the planet, I was thinking of the life that exists in the deep ocean trenches but in reality, if the earth wasn't warmed in part by the sun, our planet would be frozen solid so even that life, perhaps, would not exist even though they get their energy from geologic activity, in short as Micawber would say, from heated deep sea vents,

On the way yesterday to Port Sanilac I stopped at a closed for the winter out look park and took this photo. (I did not see the Edison line over head but it's still a good shot.)

Mornings are a delight that perhaps some people don't realize they are missing. The beginning of the day!! Things are still possible in the morning. The optimistic part of the day, I think.

Later this morning a hawk (perhaps a Merlin or pigeon hawk?) attached a medium sized bird (perhaps a woodpecker but it looked like a mourning dove) at one of my suet feeders and took it to the ground. That excited the dogs and me. When I opened the sliding door both took off. I am not opposed to hawks thinning out my goldfinches but I'd like them to leave the woodpeckers alone. Still, that is the circle of life so - - -.

Later I saw seven swans (a swimming) out in Lake Huron. Honest! My camera does not have a telephoto lens but, if you look carefully you can tell they are swans. Some had heads and necks submerged browsing. Good omens today.

A very brave or foolhardy Colchicum emerged from under the snow today!
January! Maybe that helps to shorten the winter.

And yet, Still.

Of course, politically speaking, this was a really bad year and I am dreading the coming year. The man obviously doesn't even know that he's in way over his head. However, this kind of thing has happened over and over throughout human history so none of us should really be surprised, should we. The only constant is change.

Be well and be safe this year, please.

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