Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Post-Christmas - 12-26-2017

On Christmas day these two ships seemed to be heading towards each other eventually merging.

If I had posted the above process in the opposite sequence, it would have looked like one amoeba dividing into daughter cells. More fun! Clearly I don't have much to do today, do I.

Today the rising sun produced the silver lining on what is most likely lake affect evaporation clouds for future Canadian snow squalls. It's bitterly cold here today so I'll have to run over to the pole barn and check on the pipes. Not looking forward to that. Visiting the pole barn in winter reminds me of the frigid winter scenes in the Doctor Zhivago movie.

Later after the sun had risen more, those clouds took on a more chilling icy appearance. Brrr. My spoiled-by-the-warm-house Icelandics don't want to stay outside for long, it's too cold even for them. Pila is not amused .

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