Monday, March 12, 2018

On Golden Lake (Huron)

With apologizes to the makers of "On Golden Pond" I thought this morning's sunrise evoked the old movie. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

For me late winter flowers are more appreciated than later arrivals perhaps because they bring hope after a winter's worth of snow, long nights, and short days. These few, and perhaps to most people, unspectacular early (or late?) arrivals lighten my heart and attitude.

The early pinkish flowers of Bulbocodium vernum resemble crocus but they are not related to them. Flowers arrive first followed later by rather long untidy leaves. You have to look closely for these harbingers of spring among the detritus of last year's leaves, twigs, stems, et cetera to find the flowers but they are worth it in my opinion.

Bulbocodium vernum

Bulbocodium vernum

I've always loved witchhazels. Is it because of their name? Or maybe because they arrive while winter is still in full force. Or because everyone looks for and admires the flashier, more common, but much later Forsythia. The species I'm most familiar with is Hamamelis virginiana but there are many hybrids now so it's kind of a guessing game - unless you just want to enjoy the small bouquets like I do.

Hamamelis virginiana

Sometimes, somehow the dogs end up on the wrong side of the fence. Here are three Icelandic Sheepdogs: Korpur, Bear, and Kria wondering once again, "Why?" Piteous canines.

I've been reading Louise Penny's marvelous series* based in the (mythological) Quebec city of Three Pines (Trois Pins?). I am addicted. I loved the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter books; and I loved these even more. When I saw this metal "sign" I had to have it. French Canadian cities often planted three pine trees in their city squares or parks to indicate that they were sanctuary cities for people fleeing during and after the American revolution. These days I want to leave too. I'm unsure whether I will hang the sign outside near my front door or inside somewhere. (Fortunately I have little room left inside.)

Lyn and John came by Sunday afternoon with a great surprise and stayed for an adult beverage - tea, of course. It's almost impossible to take a photo anywhere, inside or outside, without at least one dog sneaking into the photo. There's a word for that now with selfies but, as with many "new words", I've momentarily forgotten it. Could it be "photo bombing"? If So, Bear has photo-bombed this one.

* I highly recommend the Louise Penny books to my reading friends. I read a lot and I don't often or usually recommend books I've read but these are special. I think they should be read in order - below:
Still Life
Fatal Grace
Rule Against Murder
Cruelest Month
Brutal Telling
Bury Your Dead
Trick of Light
Beautiful Mystery
How the Light Gets In
Long Way Home
Nature of the Beast
Great Reckoning
Glass Houses

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