Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Reducing Erosion

Jay and Martin Gentner finished and left. The ravine exists no more and in its place is a drain and pipes covered by an enormous amount of soil (three layers) leading to the beach. The slope is steep, not for walking. Hopefully greenery will grow soon and reduce rain runoff. It's too sharp an incline to mow. All the trucks and men are gone except for this one vehicle. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Looking west towards the house.

Looking east towards Lake Huron. There are several piles of trees and shrubs removed to make way for the changes. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with them - yet. If you look closely you can see the coarse gravel path leading from the bluff to the beach. Three separate and thick layers of fill were used:  first clean heavy soil, then a layer of clay, and finally what they called topsoil.

The garden continues to amaze and delight.
A quiet place in the sun or shade!
Rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa

 The "vernissage" (varnishing) is the unofficial opening of an art show the day before the official opening - friends and family only.

Weigela - volunteered seedling

"Joy doesn't ever leave you, you know. It's always with you. And one day you'll find it again." Bury Your Dead - Louise Penny

Mullein -self seeded

"She sounds like an emotional vampire - someone who sucks others dry. We're in their presence and come away drained." Louise Penny

Another Campanula

Peace, perfect peace.

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