Thursday, August 2, 2018

Support Group

Here they are: - Clockwise from 6:00 to 1:00 - Bear. Pila, Totty, Kit, Korpur, Kria - my support group. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Kit and Totty always, ALWAYS, watching me.

Lovely Kit

There are many sizes and kinds of boats that quietly go by from huge boats with specialized purposes way out in Lake Huron to fishing boats and fast pleasure boats still quite a ways out and therefore quiet to small kayaks near shore where large boulders make it impossible for motor boats to visit.

The Best Of Both Worlds
Wild flowers and cultivated ones often mix well together here. However, I have to be careful. Some wild flowers can be invasive. Serendipitous unplanned combinations work amazingly well.

Queen Anne's Lace, Ironweed, and Tansy in front of my home.

Hydrangea and wild Larkspur


Monarda with Hummingbird Moth

Monarda with Hummingbird Moth

Immature Song Sparrow - perhaps

Rana and James Brydon



Campanula and Phlox

Sobel's Lacecap Hydrangea in North Woods

Sobel's Lacecap Hydrangea in North Woods

Christine's Poppy

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