Monday, October 1, 2018

Turkeys and Snakes, Oh My!

My metal firepit had disappeared under a foot of sand brought up on the beach by rising water levels this summer. I thought future archeologists might find it hundreds of years from now. However, wave activity washed away much of the beach and it popped up so I thought I would rescue it and bring it up to the top of the bluff. When I rolled it back up the steep access road, I I left my camera down on the beach. My neighbor Sharon found it and it was returned to me. I found the photos below on it. I need to find the folks who rescued my camera! They're probably the same folks who've been "borrowing" my wine as my evidence shows.

All the corn snake babies have been returned to nature now. Six hatched and only a couple of eggs failed to produce any snakes so I proclaim the project a success. Next year I will most likely find "my" adult corn snakes that I will have to catch and release further inland so that they will not gobble up my pond bullfrogs and goldfish. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Speaking of "gobble", these turkeys were on Snay Road not far from my home. I have my own turkey flock of about 20 birds on my property but it's always a great treat to see some other flocks near me. I took these photos through the window of my car so they look a little foggy but still, in my opinion, are lots of fun.

My brother David arrives today for a five day stay. All the tourists are gone now and most touristy things are over. It's supposed to rain all week. We'll talk, and eat and drive around a bit. I think it will be too wet to do much walking.The dogs always love to see him.

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