Monday, November 5, 2018

Audurs Tryna, Maryanna

My friend Maryanna who adopted Trýna from Auður Valsdóttir & Ralph Biggs in Canada in 2004 just told me that Trýna passed away recently. Over the years Maryanna and I talked often. Trýna was a very bright, happy dog with an outgoing personality; she will be missed.

Trýna was the daughter of Flúðir Kappi and Ralphs Birna and has many ancestors from all over the Icelandic Sheepdog world including Denmark, Norway, Iceland, as well as many of the original Icelandics in North America from the 1970s. Her ancestors here were from Palmahaus Kennel, Bolstad Farms, Byron Kennel, Dyggur Kennel, the Sigurdssons, and of course Auður. I know several people who are trying to save those old North American lines so more solid dogs like Tryna will grace us with their presence into the future. (Clicking on photos will enlarge them.)

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