Thursday, November 8, 2018

Oakland University Art Gallery

I took a trip to visit the Art Gallery at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. (See )

Dick (Steven) Goody had asked me to lend them two of my Bryant Tillman paintings for their show, so I had to see the whole show.

Dick curated "Who Were They Then" a great show. Artists included are: Morgan Barrie, Carole Harris, Mel Rosas, Clinton Snider, and Bryant Tillman. I have to wonder why I don't have their art in my collection. Christmas is coming.

Here are a few of my favorites in alpha order, even though it was difficult to decide which ones I liked "more". I've been following Carole Harris for several years. I love her quilts.

Carole Harris: - 

Autumn Etude


I love Mel Rosas's work. I wish I could afford something of his. They are spectacular. 

Mel Rosas: -

The Abyss and Gentrification

The Sacred, the Popular, and the Innocent

El Macho Se Fue

Seeing Clinton Snider's works in person was an awesome experience. I've seen screen shots and some of his art in pamphlets and books. They absolutely have to be see in person up close. They are nuanced and thought provoking. Memorable. I've emailed him but not heard back.

Clinton Snider: -

The Back Forty

Tree of Heaven

The Last Winter

After the Flood

The Crossing

The Back Forty (Close-up)

(Wanderer in the) Red Brick Alley

Bryant Tillman: - 

Tanya Britt and Denzel Parks at Blossom's Noel Night

Still Life (Pork Chop and Corn)

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