Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I have two paths down from the bluff to the beach; both are pretty steep and could be dangerous to walk down while they are snow and ice covered. Nonetheless, I wanted to see the beach today so I used the beach access of my neighbors. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Seriously, these are views from my front windows. I have this view every day. I am so fortunate.

My brother David called before I took my beach walk and was confused about an earlier post. He suggested I clean it up so here goes. Three of my six Icelandics are fifteen, fifteen and fourteen years old. Although two have mostly good days now, they sometimes have difficulties and I'm afraid about their future. Two more are eleven. So I have quite a few older dogs that I am concerned about. I never want to be without a dog or dogs. They give me reasons to live, simply put. I started looking for another puppy to add more than a year ago but I am fussy. I know Icelandic Sheepdogs are generally speaking a very healthy and long lived breed. They have few health issues or problems. I am cognizant of the backgrounds of many Icies and I want to avoid as much as possible dogs with issues in their ancestry.

I have managed to find several litters in the last year with puppies that interested me but, even though I tried, the deals never were finalized. Which made me wonder "why". Then I heard that there was a rumor that I had a will in which I stipulated that when I died my surviving dogs would be put down, euthanized. It is, in my opinion, virtually impossible to dispute a rumor like that. One breeder actually told me that I was too old to have a puppy. My mother and father lived long full lives passing at 90 and 85 respectively. My grandparents also lived full long lives. I can understand why a breeder might ask about plans for a puppy in case of an accident or an illness or a death, which could happen at any age. That's prudent.

Here's what is true. I do not have a will; I have a trust. Nowhere in that trust does it say that my dogs should be euthanized. And I do not believe that they should be when I die. My cousin is responsible for dissolving my trust. She will find homes, good homes, for any of my dogs that survive me. I have suggested that she allocate funds from my estate to help in their care if necessary. She has many connections in the dog world so I think she can manage to do that. In case she predeceases me, I have agreed to do the same for her surviving dogs.

In short: I love Icelandic Sheepdogs. I want to have dogs as long as I am capable of caring for them. All things considered, I have more than a few good years left to live, hopefully. I can only hope that that rumor won't prevent me from having another "Iceland Dog".  If I cannot find another Icelandic Sheepdog, then, what? A Norwegian Buhund? Who knows.

And now on to the beach. Only people who have been here and seen my summer beach can appreciate the following winter spectacle.

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