Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This just came from Wodin's family - The "pillow" they are referring to is a toy he left my home with. Most toys for Icelandics do not seem to last very long. This special toy must carry memories. It means a lot to me to hear from my puppies' families. Thank you so very, very much!!
               Left to right: Wodin, Julie and Lucy - - Clicking on the photo will enlarge it.
(As a special caution from me: I realize that people like the retractable leashes like Julie is holding for Wodin and Lucy. Please always hold them by the handles just like Julie is doing and never use your hand on the cord to hold the dog. Serious hand or finger injuries have sometimes resulted when people have held the cord and inadvertently retracted it or the dog has pulled.)

Hi Jaime,
Can certainly see you've been busy. The house is looking good and the new garden area is soon going to be your artist's canvas. You'll miss your old garden which looks lovely in your photos. It appears to be a 'wild' one which is what I like. We've had our garden at our cottage in for 9 years and the trees and shrubs are just starting to look established. My garry oaks are now 7' tall and should shoot up in the next couple of years. We lost two summer lilac in the recent windstorm - just snapped off. Didn't realize they were so brittle and also of short life expectancy. I've planted a douglas fir 'hedge' over the years but the 9 yr ones are now 10' tall and the 6 year ones are still at 4' so I have some time to go before my gardens get some wind protection. Is wind going to be a problem at your new place?
Anyway hope you do manage to transfer some of your plants from your old home, they'll carry good memories.

We've been doing a lot of travelling, some 6500 miles since May, fortunately in three different trips. Wodin travels really well though I think he just tolerates the vehicles but knows there is something nice at the end. This last trip we were in Lethbridge in Alberta and he fell in love with Lucy a Shitzu cross. I've sent a photo along when he was out walking with Julie, our d in law, at a nearby park. He's still full of energy and loves his runs, the vultures have left but the eagles are still active! In the new year we hope to get him over to town to see how he'll fare on a herding tryout. He is still very playful and his favourite 'toy' is still the pillow. I often wonder if it carries memories, scents or..?
Congratulate Mike and Sunna for us. They look wonderful and she has done so well, as you say a real classy lady.
Imelda and Steve

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