Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - Clair asked Ron for help in finding old barn beams for the two mantel pieces. He found three beams; two are about the same length; the third is shorter but has more character and is therefore a little more interesting. I think we'll use all three. The two similar beams will be used for the two mantels and maybe the third beam will go on the north wall next to the western doorwall. We'll probably put that up around six feet or more high so it will be above paintings and out of the way.

Clicking on photos enlarges them. The first two shots below show the two beams we'll use for the mantels; the third photo shows the beam for the wall.
Jim Dawson from across M-25 stopped by today too. He delivered ten truck loads of wood chips (about 125 yards) a couple of weeks ago. You can see some of the piles in recent shots; I have spread some of the chips already.

Dave from Half-Way Fence called last night and told me that they were going to start on the fencing today so we got up early and I left around 6:00 a.m. with yet another load of paintings, etc., and arrived there around 8:00 and found them ready to start working. See photos below.

The three trellises on the front of the house below are set to go with three Clematis Jackmanii, an old fashioned favorite - as long as they can survive the heavy soil. If you enlarge the photo, in the background you can see the eastern part of the fenced-in yard.
In the first photo below you can see Dave's crew from Half-Way Fence starting on the western fence line. The pipes for the geothermal and the lines for the septic tank and field run out of the house just under the kitchen windows where the men are working. A little further to the north the water line for the well water from the beach to the pole barn runs under the house. Did they miss all those lines while digging fence post holes? Hope so!

In the second photo you can see the western side of the fenced-in yard after they finished working on it.
The new propane tank (below) is in the spruce trees behind the Half-Way Fence truck that brought in the fencing materials and equipment. Brad from Klaty Propane delivered and installed it last week.
Every time I leave, I drive down this amazing driveway which leads out to M-25. About half the time I see deer or rabbits. I worked a lot last summer on the north side, the right side, of the road removing Russian olives and grapevines. The left side is still untouched but is also mine.

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