Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Although I did not bred this puppy, I got permission to share the note below on my blog. You might remember I mentioned this litter just a short time ago and posted an early puppy photo (above) then. At that time his name was Djatur. Sandi Dunn's Blackstar's kennel produced this handsome puppy who has been adopted and named Odin by Camilla Salem Dugonjic and husband Damir Dugonic. It's always nice to see puppies with their new families, isn't it?

This photo above and the note below - slightly edited - are from Camilla. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

My husband is sooooooo head over heels in love with him. I mean it's the cutest thing to see them together; Odin adores him as well. 

Odin is famous too. Our friend Bode Miller who just won a bronze medal at the Olympics tweeted this picture (above). We sent it to him in support.  And everyone said he was the cutest pup!

When we take him places, people cannot believe how cute he is and are so interested about the breed. Its always a happy day with Odin :).

Happy to report that Odin is progressing very quickly with his training! He is learning to heel, and he is really great with his down stay.  He also started retrieve work today and got to try some verrry light agility stuff today. His trainer seems to adore him- he's definitely a smart little guy. But most of all he is getting loved on like crazy!

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