Sunday, May 3, 2015


Bangsi the Icelandic Sheepdog was the first puppy born in his litter and the last one to leave 'home'. I got unreasonably attached to him, something I try hard NOT to do. First because he was here alone for a few days after his last litter-sibling had left. And second because he had some health issues with Coccidia and needed my tender loving care. Well, Bangsi was not alone really. He had his mother Totty, his aunt Pila and the other adults to play with but most of them are over the age of ten and he was and is a very active, intelligent, outgoing puppy.

I just received this email (which I've edited slightly) from his new mom Courtney who lives in Maine with husband Jeff and their cat.

"Sure you can use them (the photos)! Ill try to get a pic of them (the cat and Bangsi) together . . we will see if I can manage that :)

He certainly seems happy. He likes to play with us and with his toys. He loves to play outside. He also very much seems to enjoy meeting new people which he does pretty regularly! He is very sweet and affectionate...and very active of course :)

He has had his next round of distemper and also his bordatella. He gets his rabies soon as well. We also elected to give him lyme since it is endemic on the coast. We are following the vets recommendation to space his Lyme and lepto a bit so he doesn't have them all at once. Our vet - - -  came highly recommended by friends and his puppy trainer uses her as well - . She was so excited to have an icie in clinic. She had considered adopting one and has done a great deal of research on the breed which is comforting since everyone else here assumes he is a husky...haha.

Bangsi is a delightful boy. He is extremely smart which makes him both wonderful and wonderfully naughty. But he learns so fast...both good things and how to play on our love. Smart boy. He has also learned from the cat what he can get away with. They get more comfortable together every day.  You were quite right. He is a special boy.

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