Monday, May 18, 2015

Kippa Jane

I just received this email with photos attached from Kippa's mom, Suzanne. Tryggur is Suzanne's other Icelandic. The professional photos are from Susan Perry and used with permission.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Tryggur finished his CPE level 1 and Qd 7 out of 8 times!!  Miss Kippa was the bell of the ball.  She was played with by many people, kids, adults and in between.  She also got to meet a lot of dogs of all sizes.  She sat quietly in her crate all weekend unless she had to potty.  She only barked once or twice at other dogs and was fine with her brothers coming and going.  She got to watch agility and was very interested.  Here are the digital copies of the pictures from Dayton.  You can post any of them. 

It's so important to get your puppies out to meet friendly dogs and people. Socialization while they are puppies is important to their temperament when they are adults.

CPE stands for Canine Performance Events and is a user friendly agility provider: -

Qd = Qualified (Tryggur qualifying seven out of eight times he was entered is amazing. There's a photo of Tryggur attached also.)


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