Friday, May 29, 2015

Swainson's Vireo

A vireo, worm eating or Swainson's(?), is building a nest in one of my wild honeysuckle bushes.

It's out near the end of a thin branch and really sways in the breeze. She's still working on it which is amazing to watch because of the swinging. No doubt it's safe from land based predators. At first I thought the bird might be a worm eating vireo but on closer look I'm pretty sure it's a Swainsaon's vireo. Who knew! (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

Grimur's potential new family has changed their minds and he is available again.  This guy is a heart stealer. If you're interested in adopting him, drop Sandi an email. He's the only puppy without a new home in this litter.


Grimur and his sister

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