Friday, July 3, 2015

Buck Moon

The full moon has been orange which, no doubt, seven billion other people may have noticed too. I had little idea the full moons had different names. Click to enlarge the photos.

The Fourth has already started here with loud bangs. My dogs have never been startled and frightened  by the firecrackers but for some reason this year Totty is having  the shakes. Most of the time I don't mind being alone but during the holidays it is hard to fill the time.

Iris chrysographes?

Plants from the nice couple near Port Sanilac have started to flower. The iris is a very dark almost jet black. The photo makes it look lighter than it is. She might have called it chrysographes or something similar.
Pom Pom Dahlia

Years ago I found a small sliver-leaved plant growing in my neighbor's backyard lawn. I liked the leaves so I dug one up and moved it to my yard. The next year it took off and I've had volunteers ever since. The flowers are a brilliant cherry pink. I believe it's a Stacyhys, an old fashioned garden flower. I'm so happy one volunteer hitched a ride up here with another plant. They do survive long but they do self-sow which means they fit my criteria.

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