Thursday, July 2, 2015


I just got this email from Courtney, Icelandic Sheepdog Bangsi's guardian.

It's been a while since I updated you on our little guy. I have some photos for you to keep you in the loop! He is doing so well! We had a little setback about 2 weeks ago. We were playing a lively game of fetch and he made high speed contact with a door frame (did I mention he is gangly and incredibly clumsy these days?) and managed to sprain his poor little wrist. He went to the vet and she prescribed rest...yea that didn't go well. We tried all kinds of mental gymnastics to keep him busy and mentally tire him out, and we would make great progress and then he would take off across the house out of boredom and re-injure himself. Unfortunately he needed puppy calming medications for a few days, but that did the trick. He is back on his feet and frolicking like normal. 
We had a BIG party (ok..big for us- 15 people) the other day and he did a delightful job with everyone! He was sweet with the toddler that was attending. He herded her a bit, but didn't jump on her or scare her at all! Everyone loved him and played fetch with him for as long as he wanted! Everyone praised him for his delightful manners.

We don't feed him any people food so he doesn't go after people's BBQ when they set their plate down on the low patio table.

Bangsi also graduated puppy class last week! Our trainer says he is the smartest pup of his age she has EVER seen...and she trains standard poodles. He is still picking things up just about as fast as I can teach him. He recently learned to "back up" so that we could put shoes and socks on without tripping over him. I still think I am going to teach "doggie yoga" soon since he does a funny little down dog maneuver when he wakes up. I just have to remember to keep my clicker and treats with me for when he wakes up so we can get started! He is always much better behaved when we have exercised his brain and his body. I have to start looking up new things to teach him on the internet since I am running out of ideas!

Anyway- enough blather. We love him! He is doing so well. He is a wonderful ambassador for his breed- all our friends want his siblings!
Did I mention he is the cutest little guy ever???

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