Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kippa and Suzanne

Kippa, Tryggur, and Suzanne Terrant were at an American Kennel Club Trial in Monroe, Michigan with Icelandic Sheepdog Judges Sonny Ambrosio, Tamra K. Green, and William P Shelton. Shadow cheered his family on from the sidelines. Here are two photos from that weekend. Clicking on photos will enlarge them. The awards are posted in the photos below which were taken by Booth Show Photography.

Here are Hidow Thrymheim's Tryggut (l) and Vinlands Kippa (r) with AKC Judge Sonny Ambrosio and Handlers Joe T. Caton (Tryggur) and Kathy Musto (Kippa).

Vinlands Kippa and Handler Joe T. Caton with AKC Herding Group Puppy Judge Tamra K. Green; the Breed Judge who got Kippa and Joe to the Herding Group Puppy was William P Shelton.

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