Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter arrived last week with ice, snow, sleet, and lots and lots of really strong wind. Surprisingly the snow has not disappeared from the ground yet so there's a thin coating with grass sticking up through the snow. During the worst of the wind a large number of my mirrored "stars" that I hung on my porches in front of my windows to warn birds not to fly into the glass were brought down! I'll have to re-hang them when the weather improves a bit. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The waves on Lake Huron have been spectacular. The noise outside has been deafening but it's quiet in the house - thanks to its impressive insulation.

When I first started looking for a place along the shares of Lake Huron, I was sure I wanted a place right on the beach. My house now is at the top of a bluff a ways back from the edge. I'm so glad I'm not right on the water - - - - - but the photos always look like I am.

Gaggle of Canada Geese out on the lake after the snowfall.

Getting work permits for the small sitting room addition has been difficult for Darin, my contractor. Finally, however, it looks like maybe they can start work Monday.

Anyone who has had contractors knows that they balance three, four, or more jobs at the same time which means they don't ever stay at one house for long enough to get much done. It's frustrating and annoying but that's how they do things. I guess realistically one has to expect that because it ain't gonna change.

I've missed hearing from friends. Maybe people think of visiting mostly in the late spring, summer, and early fall but it's still nice to hear their voices all year. I've been told that that's a generational thing. My generation, the old farts, keeps in contact by voice (phone) all the time. They call weekly, or even daily. Youngsters, those under fifty, text and email instead.

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