Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

On Tuesday concrete was poured for the crawl space under the new sitting room. Winter's here - finally. I don't know how long this cold spell will last - this time not long I think.

Tuesday night was very cold here, the concrete flooring was covered with insulated plastic sheets in order to set. The cold continued all day Wednesday.

On the right of the house in the photos below is the garage. I suppose the new addition which I call a sitting room might be called a living room by others. It will be large enough perhaps for a sofa and a couple of chairs. The disadvantage of the house as it is now is that I don't have a front door for guests, deliveries, etc. The following photos are hopefully for "before" and "after" shots. As always, clicking on photos enlarges them.

The piles of dirt will be put back into the excavation after the walls of the crawl space are up. Much of the removed soil has been spread in low spots in the front yard. I'm glad the ground was frozen; it could have been a real mess otherwise.

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