Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sitting Room

Yesterday they dug the hole for the crawl space under the new sitting room. Before the house was started I thought I would add an entry way/sitting room and plans were made. Yesterday the work started.

First Light

Footprint for the Crawl Space

Today they're coming up to pour the concrete. In order to dig first they had to locate and then avoid: the wire from the satellite dish for the TV,  the wire from the other satellite dish for the internet, the city water line, the propane gas line, the septic tank line, the geothermal line, the line for the well water (leading to the pole barn from near the beach), the land line for a phone - that was never installed. The county inspector showed up to make sure everything was kosher. Darin's real good at that!

Greg worked on the West End today too.

The north windows are in and the framework is up for the walls and ceiling. The West End is going to be my workroom. The basement under the house is only about a third the size of the house - just enough for the water heater, furnace and a little bit of storage. I have needed a place to store work tools and a place to work with them, dog crate storage, X-pens, extra paintings, a dog work area, etc.

Honest! It's not that cold. I Ching, Violet, and Kria. They cuddle like this even in the summer. Often Kata joins them so there are four furry animals in that chair - which happens to be my favorite reading chair. It swivels, rocks, and the high sides make comfortable arm rests.

Lots of birds the past few days because of the extreme cold.

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