Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Coming out of my driveway onto Lakeshore Road I saw some adult turkeys and their poults crossing the road and heading into my evergreen forest. The youngsters were hidden in the tall grass but I did get one shot of mom. Maybe by clicking on the photo below you can see her.

We've had several hot and muggy days but I can get out early with an iced coffee for a walky with the dogs before it gets stifling. I've been bothered this summer either by bug bites or poison ivy. Tomorrow late morning I'll see my dermatologist for my semiannual skin cancer screening and I'm really looking forward to it. I have one very bad silver dollar sized wound on my right ankle caused by a combination of a scratch infected by poison ivy - maybe. My skin is thinner and my wounds heal more slowly one of the perks of being fortunate enough to get older.

 Most of my daylilies are still in their "creep" stage; fortunately a few have progressed to the "leap" stage although they haven't started to flower yet, the buds are coming.

 I've no idea where this late season poppy came from. 
Tall and lovely a perfect volunteer.

 A pair of robins has made a hidden mid-summer nest and the hen is brooding eggs in one of my Clematis Jackmanii so we're trying not to spook her - not easy with vociferous Totty.

I've never had Coreopsis until I moved up north and found some deeply discounted plants at Walmart. They've changed my mind about the genus.

Found recently in the discard pile and adopted. No name.

Hosta montana aureomarginata - probably

Striptease - probably

Even without 'names', the Hosta are really enjoyable to watch grow and flower - something I never, ever, thought I would say about the old fashioned 'plantain lilies'!

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