Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quatorze Juillet (presque) - Brian Howard - HF Architecture

Sunny, warm, muggy, with a lake breeze. I don't work outside when it's hot. Or cold. When it's like that, it's time to enjoy the garden. With my dogs. I will discourage company from now until the weather turns comfortable again. One of my new perquisites.

The first Dahlia of this summer from last summer's 
acquisitions from the Port Sanilac Dahlia Lady

An Astilbe in it's "creep" year
(Sleep, Creep, Leap)

Monarda that hitchhiked with a Hosta from R.O.
Poppies from seeds acquired near Minden City

a "front of the border" Hosta mis-planted in the back
Moving it to a front position this fall

Deep in the north forest

Wild Prunella

False Campanula - Creep Year

Cream Hollyhock - volunteer from R.O.

Brian Howard's Wright-ish House

Wild Dogs stalking wild asparagus

Jackmanii - struggling up north


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