Monday, March 20, 2017

Cedar Waxwings

The cedar waxwings are back to Vinland! Each year at about this time they return and devour the berries of the wild Viburnums which have been waiting to be eaten since last summer. I suspect the wait and the repeated winter freezings and thawings somehow makes them taste better. The birds that remain here all winter ignore the berries! Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Last week we got the first real snow here since late December - I think. It was especially pretty because we knew it wouldn't last long. A couple of years ago Lake Huron was virtually frozen over completely. Last year and this year we had open water all winter.

Around this time of the year ice chunks, probably from Lake Superior, pass by on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. Two recently got stuck on the gravely bottom just slightly off shore. The smaller one may not look very large but, as we all know, the majority of an iceberg is hidden underwater and - the small one was as big as my house.

While I was writing this post I noticed some deer had wandered out onto the second and larger iceberg. There must have been a snow bridge to the shore allowing them entrance. They wandered out to the end and just stared into the distance. Wonderful. Amazing. I snapped a few photos. I had no idea the iceberg was that large. These shots only show the tip which is about 20% of the berg. I couldn't fit the who iceberg in the photo. (It's the berg shown in the last of the above shots soon after it arrived here.) It's flattened out considerably now because of the warmer air this past weekend. Look at how small the deer look in the photo below.

Gorgeous Sunrises

And Clivia of course. I've never had this kind of luck with their flowers. They flower three of four times a year and I don't do anything special. They like it here - - - too.

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