Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rainy Tuesday - Thankfully Rainy

The yellow spring flowers below are from a plant I found growing near "our" creek (Behnke Creek) by the picnic waterfall. I rescued a very small plant that was about to be eroded from a rock island in the creek and planted it next to my pond here. It produces enormous decorous leaves which is what I wanted near my water. Unfortunately they got too big so I moved it into the edge of Nordmark and this spring it surprised me with these flowers. If you know it's name, please share.

Photos don't do any justice to shocking pink long petaled flowers of Buldocodium vernum, below on the left. The honeysuckle-like flowers on the right are a species of Corydalis - I think.

I have over-enjoyed myself because of the gorgeous spring like weather we've had here lately. The small vegetable garden had been weeded and prepared for late plantings. The three kinds of garlic I planted late last fall are up are growing, and the peas and Swiss chard have been planted (because they go in as soon as the soil can be worked). I'm thinking of broccoli, Brussel's sprouts, and maybe cabbage to tempt the rabbits (hmmm!). I'll have to wait a while to plant green beans, yellow beans, zucchini, and maybe winter squash. Last spring/summer the builders were tramping over the area where my vegetable garden is so I didn't plant until mid-July. Bummer.

As a natural result of all my work, I act like a teenager sometimes, I have a backache. Like David and Dad! Genes.

Bear and wolf

The freighters have returned in force. The other day after several days of stormy weather it was almost a parade as the freighters traffic-jammed their way up north.

I love my first lights!
Here are three day's worth of them.

I have been working on various parts of the yard cleaning things up and doing some early transplanting. I do not work outside in the summer, ubiquitous skin cancers have finally convinced me to avoid the sun as much as possible. Plus I don't like the heat so the strong summer sun makes a good enough excuse. I have many white alpine strawberries scattered around and I've been trying to transplant them to make picking these very small delights easier. They are extremely easy to grow from seed. When I'm ambitious I push the spoiled berries into the soil and many of the seeds germinate. These are runnerless strawberries; they have one big long harvest and then throughpout the summer and fall continue to produce berries to fuel garden wanderings. It's never too hot or sunny to NOT do garden walk-throughs. (Yes, double negatives do work sometimes.) Love them (strawberries, that is) with a passion. 

Any guesses who this is?

Enough "said."

I took a chair to nearby Caro, where I saw this car, on Sunday. Very nice capital city in Tuscola county. I only wish our capital city were as nice. Still it would be a nice place to occasionally visit - as would Frankenmuth which I passed through on the way to Birch Run with Kit.

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