Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rainy Wednesday - April 20, 2016

New garden plants have begun to arrive and as fast as they come, they get planted. The ground is ready now and so am I.  April showers are kind enough to water them as soon as they get into their new homes. My favorite white-berried Swiss Alpine strawberries have also been dug, divided, and moved around the yard and benefit from these spring rains. I'm hoping they all survive. I love the work break I get when it rains. I enjoy the free watering of all my plants, new arrivals as well as recent transplants. The rain ensures the evergreens and rhododendrons get the fertilizer that I broadcast last winter diluted and sent to their roots.

The first of two storms arrived early and quickly advanced over Lake Huron; within minutes the thin lighter colored sky was eclipsed by the large thunderhead rain cloud. Clicking on photos enlarges them

Sunrise from earlier in the week.
Note the morning star in the second photo below.

Late afternoon "Turner-Sky" (or is it Constable?).

As spring advances the algae blooms turn the water green-ish.

They say forsythia flowering means it's time to plant crops. 
It's Time!

This forsythia vine-like grew up into 
the neighboring trees for about 20'.

This image spooked me until I realized that it was Kathy's recent birthday gift to me.
It has a solar powered light that lights it up at night.

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