Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

After lots of rain and temperate weather, the garden is sub-tropically lush. Clicking on photos enlarges them.
People often ask how my garden can do so well with my dogs running through it all the time. My response is always the the same, "The plants have to be tough to survive here. I try lots of different kinds of plants. The ones you see do well with dogs! If a particular kind of plant cannot survive the dogs, I do not keep trying to establish that kind of plant."

Many of the plants I have self-sow all over the yard. Having lush perennials that seed themselves and thrive also reduces the weeds. I do not weed much or often.

When I move up north, I will take seeds, cuttings and divisions and leave the parents here. I'm sure that I will be sad because I know the new owners will put in a tennis court, a swimming pool, or a lawn. "Change is the only constant."

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