Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We all went up to Sans Souci for Memorial Day Weekend. The weather was lovely and the dogs loved it up there.They adapted well to the 90 minute drive - surprising me.
                                        (Tryggur, Korpur, Kata, Bear, Kria, Pila, Totty)
The day after this shot was taken, not wanting to remain in the fenced yard, the three boys 'escaped' from a gate that was inadvertently left unlatched and roamed the woods apparently looking for deer. (They aren't talking!) Fortunately they all have a great recall and came back from over half a mile away.

The girls are much better behaved. Boys will be boys!

The above photo of the pack was taken just a few minutes after sunrise - which does NOT happen in the east up there. It's more north-east.
Some of my favorite plants are "volunteers" - which simply means they grew from seeds that planted themselves. The Siberian iris below is a three year old volunteer in my yard. It just started growing in the middle of a path - - and I let it go. At first I thought it was a seedling 'blue-eyed grass' but it grew into this!
                                     (Remember: Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

Of course the parentage is unknown. I have several purple or blue flowered Siberians. It must have come from them!

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