Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miss Timber - Memorial Day 2013

Miss Timber is definitely one of the most patriotic puppies ever! I just got an email from Sally and Daniel with this Memorial Day photo of her attached!
"Here is a recent photo of Miss Timber celebrating Memorial Day in the Poconos. She is doing great. We continue "our" obedience training--she is doing very well..excellent on the sit/stay and down/stay. She also seems to really like the agility that our trainer is introducing into the class--basically some very low jumps and a tunnel. She was a bit hesitant about the tunnel the first time but now goes through it like a champ---with much pride in her accomplishment!

"Thank you again for this wonderful puppy who has enriched our lives so much this past year."
 This photo was from last Fourth of July (2012) - I believe! She has certainly turned into a smart and beautiful dog, hasn't she?
Please everyone - practice your recalls until they are perfect every time. Always, always reward with lots of praise and use treats as often as possible. As I learned once again last weekend with Tryggur, Korpur, and Bear, that good recall could save your pet's life. A good sit/sat or down/stay is also very important.

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